A buff to Secretary Guo’s leader skill maybe?

First time making a post here and the reason why is because of Guo’s leader skill:
•Huge AP gain
•75% heal reduction that lasts 3 turns
-But heal reduction isn’t great unless it’s 100%

Here some reason to buff it:
•75% isn’t great enough.
•Guo takes the same amount of S-class shards as others,but he’s leader skill is not useful compared to other’s
•6* Guo has 50% heal reductions so why not 100% heal reductions to the S-class? ¯_(ツ)_/¯
•Making it 100% would have more possibilities for team-building?(infection teams perhaps)

And here’s two way to buff it:
•Making it 100% heal reduction

•Still 75% heal reduction BUT make it stackable (like Clementine’s one)

————————————————————And that’s all,if no one cares about it then I got nothing to say. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Make it stackable seems reasonable

I like your ideas, cause he is really not useful/effective as leader the way it is.

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Yeah,I mean if it was stackable,it would’ve worked with the weapon effect 【every turn,inflict 35% heal reduction to all enemies for 1 turn】
Seems fair and nice.


Guo was a lot more attractive before doc went f2p for all. As he is I can’t see myself excited to get him.

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Scopely, doesn’t buff anything.

Hrhrhrhr :joy::rofl:

Humbug. :joy: When it comes to monetizing just everything they would even buff some old 3* characters if they find a few gullible players.

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They buffed Aaron. And Malcom so that statement is false


They buffed Wanderer too

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Nerfed* I’m pretty sure, reduced his def and attack down from all red and green to all green and red ennemies that his rush hits

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Guo is pretty decent aside from his lead skill which definitely needs buffing. When anyone includes Guo in their teams it’s not as a leader so it’s absolutely wasted. I’d prefer he just receive a specialist instead. Anything but Lightning reflexes would be noticably more useful. Even Lightening reflexes is more useful than a lead skill that’s never used - just not that noticeable.

But if he’s going to be buffed you may as well make it 100% heal resist. At least then future teams won’t just be Wangfa, 2 Traders and 2 others. We will also get to see Guo, 2 Traders and 2 others. I’m all for variety in the game and at least that change will make sure we have 2 different teams seen on attack rather than just the one once every player realises that 2 Traders + heal block toon on attack is a complete autowin every time.


I was exaggerating a little but buffing like 3 characters out of what, 300 in the game is essentially nothing.

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