A brief overview on Ascendable Characters


I just thought i would Give everyone a little recap of ascendance.
Ascendance was released Around the 10th of august or approximate 264 days ago.

Since release we have had 60 ascendable 6* with 27 being f2p Characters.with 18 being legacy Characters and the other 9 being new 5* coming with or after ascendance being relesed.

Or in other words we have had 42 New characters released since ascendance and only 18 being upgraded. As many have pointed out variety is dead in game and i think these simple facts show why,the constant release of new characters on over a 2:1 basis over legacy characters is unacceptable.
There are hundreds of 5* currently unused that many people have spent money on , many of these characters are premier recruits and are not available in game currently and have profitability if you gave them the ascension treatment.

Please Stop making new characters and concentrate on the old ones, the game is dying Variety is dead, you should aim to do a legacy character a week , because even at that rate it will be a couple of years before we see all the legacy characters finished, while current rates will approximate mean they will be finished in about a decade.

Just to highlight how little there is for f2p currently see the list below, this is the list of characters you would be looking at using if you started today.

9 Yellow (5 Available Currently) (Josh, Gator, Connor, Negan,Barker)3 Unavailable (Zeke Rick Vincent)
6 Red (4 available currently) (Lori,Mira,Gov, Lucas) 3 unavailable (Tara Eugene Rick )
6 Blue (5 Available currently )(Sid ,Ty, Yumiko, Abe. Shane ) 1 Unavailable (Dwight)
6 Green ( 3 Available Currently( Carl,Shiva, Glenn) 3 Unavailable ( Kal ,Aaron, wyatt)

When is blitz starting today and tomorrow
The game and community I love

Look at the toons released as premium vs the extisting characters and you’ll get a real kick in the teeth, it’s uncanny. Almost like there should’ve been more legacy toons, but scopely wouldn’t just slightly alter the look of a character and make it a premium version of an existing character would they?


What’s funnier is new 4 stars are better than 5stars stats wise lo lol


Completely agree its shameful, that laura was the worst one for me, she was never a very viable toon, and her 5* was almost the exact same as the new ascendable one


Edit: Great post btw Akearns

Her and Garrett got me to the boards confused and annoyed.

It’s not right…

Scopley need to stop messin around with those spending predicting software as they don’t account for long term growth.

They need to have a major think on what they want to be making profit on and how to do that without disrupting F2P and everyday play for spenders.

Yep could have like legendary plus toons that have only minimal stat buff over there normal 6* counterpart. But are a special shiny version…or alt colour version.
Very rare and hard to get.
A nice trophy for a whale.

Xp Missions and Supply Depot refreshes are little everyday earners.

Ideas like this so there’s things for spenders without messing up F2P.

Obviously they need to fix current systems.
Dying regions, half finished systems, Ascending 5* more regularly.
Making it a big thing when one becomes available instead of a surprise with not build up…

The team working on it need investment by e sounds of it and a big shake up to provide a profitable future that will span years into the future.
To do his you also need to make peace with your customers and work together…
Imo someone needs to take charge.


Yeh half finished ideas are the bane of this company, if i released ascendance i would have done it with a backlog of characters ready all at once


Great post. Just another example of how this game has jumped from p2p to p2w in these recent months. F2P have absolutely no chance against some of these newer promo toons. We desperately need newer legacy toons made ascendable weekly.


I’d argue its gone the opposite from p2w to P2p personally


I’ve mentioned it a bunch on the forums and I’ll say it again. 6*’s rolling was such a big slap in the face to me. Spent a lot of time and an embarrassing amount of money grinding it out. 4 red stun guns, 4 green stuns, -30 ap weapons and a few abs defense weapons. I was in the top faction defending everything in sight. However, when 6*’s rolled out I lost all motivation seeing that in a matter of a few weeks my whole roster I busted ass on was useless. Quit spending, farming and cut game play by at least 75%. I’ll chat with old faction mates on line and burn salvage tokens a couple times a day. I’m like one more “6* michonne” premier from nuking my roster/town and being done outright. The money I’ve wasted is also the best lesson I learned from the mobile gaming machine. Fool me once, shame on me.
Fool me twice…wait a second, there’s is no fool me twice.


Lol? Some of the most overpowered 6*s are f2p. Tyreese, Dwight, Neut Gov, Miraboobs, Shiva, Carl, Siddiq. If you’re unable to create a decent offense with some of those toons, the problem lies with you.


One of the things I’m a little annoyed about is that they haven’t had any color crossover (a red 5* becoming a yellow 6* for example), when 6* were released they made it sound like this was something we would see.

I pulled Blue Michonne and my heart stopped… then I realized it was the 5* taunt one not the ascendable one, the art is identical.


Was mainly talking about speed on attack, I’ve seen a guy in our faction score 3x as fast as anybody else purely because of blue Michonne. F2P are super limited on defence too, stun on attack with a Carl lead is the norm unfortunately, with ranged getting the majority of the tower boosts green defences just get shredded too quickly for my liking.


That letter never truly existed, nor did Albert.

That’s what they want us to believe anyway/

Still waiting for the monthly follow ups with Mr Wei…


rts4 michonne is tough with impair weapon and descent hp buff leader…she is the only 5s toon i still use on occasion.


Bruh everyone runs the same team more or less with those characters, with a few variations.


I’d say Tyreese, Shiva and Neut Gov are very much in the same league as Dichonne. Not only are these stronger than pretty much all p2p 6*s that have been released, they’re also in pretty much every p2p roster. For a reason.


Exactly, and not because they’re weak.


Erika and dichonne are dominant p2w toons but I tend to agree, for melee F2p are plenty good enough.


If you don’t think Tyreese is powerful, you aren’t using him correctly.

Miraboobs lead, SR Zeke buff and that rush takes down any two toons. And of course, they don’t get up again.


Confident? Pretty much considering I used it every battle. +40% from weapon, +40% from leader, +60% from Zeke and Ty will fuck up most things.

Yes alright, you’re talking about being over powered in the sense that they are too powerful, although that inherently implies you think they need a debuff?