A brief history of cheats in Our region


They forbid u to publically call out individuals. It’s a reasonable policy as I have been called a vker cheater etc but in reality I just my ass to keep up. In grand scheme there are better much better but people’s view can be very narrow.

Although the above, I do get everyone’s frustration. I’m fortunate to be in a non-over run region and everyone’s progress is fully explainable with activity and medium spending.


oh please, they block your post as soon as you report a cheating action with or without pictures. They deleted blocked my first two posts that asking them for actions against cheating. and I saw some others posts were blocked too.
I deeply suspect your motive by justifying their ignorance or resistance to punish cheating, and their proactive actions against reporting cheating.


As i said id do a daily upload heres another 2 great examples, one trying to sell his hacks to his faction(he got kicked for this) and second one is more proof of onze trying to ruin the region by giving his hacks away


Could you maybe hide his name so the random asshole won’t go to your region and buy from him? Kind of broadcasting or advertising for him here sadly. They should banhammer that guy though fr

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Without a response it is advertising, but without a name he cant be identified by scopley either as they dont check their emails. Its a catch 22 but end of the day if people are gonna cheat they will go to VK or many of the others who cheat to get their fix, naming him here wont change anything, it just highlights how inadequate scopley are at dealing with them

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Cheaters how to report?

Good point


Huehuehuehu, pretty much every English comment out here


Guys having fun

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Does “remove attacking/defensive buffs” include HTL?
What does it happening?

One of the aforementioned hackers OP mentioned bragging pic sent on line with his supply depot. Full of Benedicts.

I dont know whats worse. The fact that they are still here. Or that they are so brazen about it. They would have been dealt with long ago by any respectable gaming company.

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Nothing we could do from our side rather than ~this phrase will cause thread shutdown~


One of the hackers who had shared the ss of his depot full of benedicts was just banned. Thank you Scopely, it is a step in the right direction.

Please keep it up, and not just in our region but the other plagued regions as well.

First time I have had a shred of hope in a long time.


It’s absolutely ducking amazing, he still thinks he can get his account back, if he does this is the guy that scopley think doesn’t cheat if not thank you so much it’s been sorely needed.


I hope the more subtle ones are investigated as well. Props. :slight_smile:


Can only hope I sent a list with evidence and names, we just have to wait and see, but I believe we’ve got to thank @Hedge for this one


Whomever took care of it, thanks :slight_smile:

Us poor mostly F2P legit players have enough problems without competing against cheaters. If I had spent as much as some P2P I would be livid.

A step in the right direction :slight_smile:


And… the ban hammer is coming down swift and heavy with more bans.

Find myself more compelled to log in. Despite the other issues with the game, this was my dealbreaker I think.

Thanks for taking steps to clean up our region whomever is responsible.