A brief history of cheats in Our region


Im a long time player, and have played to a high standard in multiple regions and each have different personalities ect. In January last year i moved to butts region for a fresh start as a f2p player + monthly pass, and the region is great except for one thing, Cheats!

Within a day of playing in this region multiple people had townhall lvl 20 and more importantly we were swamped in 5* all exclusively from the depot, with people not having the prestige to back it up. Despite multiple complaints that something dodgy was happening scopley did absolutely nothing ,until the level up after the accidental faction level up for one handed rick.
In the faction event certain players had exceptionally high scores for being less than a week old and no gear, one of these players then went on to cheat in this following solo level up and was busted by scopley and banned .
Hurrah right? No not only did they not ban some of the other cheats they left his score in the prize structure where he finished top 7 so he still won a 5* for a banned account and 8th place who didn’t cheat got squat. (BTW hes back in our region under a new name but hasn’t noticeably cheated in a while), but more importantly he was the guy who had taught the others how to manipulate in game data.

One of these People (onze) who cheated at the start , and was taught by the guy banned , was left alone by scopley and continued to win tournaments, about 4 months into our region, he began teaching another person (bea) and she gave him access to her account , where he did his magic.She went on a spree of winning every event, this included teaming up with this guy to knock me from first in a level up in a solo level up event for focus zeke by putting up 2 million points in 10 minutes at the end of the tournament, and knocking me off top spot in a solo Sr for blue carl .

She used these manipulations to move to top spot in our region, and to create perfect weapons for her team, recently she fell out with this guy, and all their dirty laundry ended up in global providing us with screenshots and admmisions of these hacks so we decided to send these screenshots to Scopley.

In Direct retaliation this guy (onze) Threatened us as a region that if we didnt stop reporting him, he would destroy the region if we didnt stop reporting him, as its okay for him to help his friends out.

He has since followed through on this threat , helping 2 people (maso and jimmy) who have inturn won every solo event for the past 2 months minus survival road and been flawlessly hitting our teams, until thee past week where it seems that whatever hack they did to hit us flawlessly has stopped working as they now cant touch us but there level up cheats have not. As shown in the fact he could hit me flawlessly without a healer before war and now cant touch , me against the same team as they seem to have patched it

One of the new guys Jimmy has become so bold he often shares screenshots and brags on global about it, he has even offered some factions his cheats ,and rumour is his new faction (where he and onze are) he posted a how to tutorial in there line chat although this is unconfirmed. His most recent brag is showing his red piece collection and his supply depot showing he has 100k red pieces and his supply depot is entirely Benedict, this must be detectable .

Hope you all have read it all , i would like your opinion, is there enough evidence to ban these people , if so why hasnt scopley done it


Why bother playing with trolling cheaters?
Thank You to the developers
What does it happening?
Banned players still in tourneys

In before the lock



This sucks, makes me question why bother playing as a regular joe

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Makes me question why bother playing at all. I mean weren’t we suppose to get a ramp up on cheaters getting the boot. As of yet, I don’t see any progress at all.

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It seems to me… there’s drama in every region.

This is why I have little to no hope for humanity…

We can’t even be fucking civil in an app and play by the rules.

If the zombie apocalypse ever happens, make sure NOT to play by the rules. You’ll die faster.



Please tell me who and provide proof and we will kick them, we have never allowed cheats in our faction simply ask onze/bea if they got accepted when they requested in?

Just cause were the number one faction doesn’t mean we cheat , we got accused again at the weekend by putting up 7k raid trophies in an hour, which is pathetic reasoning.

Back your points up, i have proof as shown in the post above my guess is your jimmy who is on center stage on this post, accusing others wont absolve you



So were supposed to simply ignore cheats, jimmy? I assume your jimmy as that how you talk on global so its very similar to here.
These people above have cheated ,and the pictures shown above also confirm this , there is no excuse .
If people from venom cheat and you ever get any proof send it me and i will attach it to my file, and get them kicked from the faction, Cheating is unacceptable whoever you are and i wont stand for it.
and remove the death threat its silly and getting you nowhere, just invalidating your point



I’ve heard the claims but never seen proof until seeing this post. Thanks for sharing.

I think the proofs mostly circumstantial but would warrant investigation from Scopely’s end. I sadly, would not hold my breath waiting for this.

I have a hard enough time competing as a mostly F2P player as is, without having hackers thrown in. Sheesh.



Follow your own advice.



There is obviously still massive cheating going on across multiple regions, it should be the top priority but instead Scopely’s top priority is crappy pop up offers

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They truly dont in 3 weeks time i will be writing the exact same post with the exact same response. I mean how many have viewed this thread and said nothing , its because its no longer a shock to them its normal , and scopley never respond to these threads just tell you to email someone who does nothing



Scopely doesn’t care so stop wasting your precious time.



WTF!!! 100K???



Yup it should be easily detectable, but scopley wont bother again to look into it



The funny thing is i haven’t even addressed one of the cheats on this thread properly due to limits on space, and have tons more evidence that i have sent scopley.
I think im gonna update this everyday with a new piece until scopley addresses this issue, its hilarious that not even one post defends scopleys actions here apart from one guy i suspect is actually one of the guys this post is based on telling me to kill myself

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Good luck with that



Sadly scopely wont do shit…



It’s obviously photoshopped. Duh.



I’ve seen at least one cheater account wiped on my region, but it was like 14 months ago.

Not one person had weapons reset, despite the well known 2x armory glitch and magically people getting windowless teams in the 1 week that the armory glitch 2.0 came back. What luck!



I wrote a post to report cheating, the post was block. I wrote a post with a picture of the cheater, the post was blocked and unlisted, then I wrote a post about my post being unlisted and blocked, then this post got deleted again. I was totally silenced. They forbidden you to report cheaters.