A bolt of lightning hit my game today

I just got enough gold rings to get my 1st one. Should I try to use her even if I have red Madison?

Tara = benedict


It depends on your set up actually.
I prefer her over Madison and I run Loui, Jermiah, Hershel and Sandy behind her with full stun weapons.
If you have better green toons over red ones, Madison might be a better lead as you can run a mix of reds and greens.
Madison, Bruce, Alpha, Shiva is also a deadly combination.

I won’t even claim her until I have enough flares to get her decently leveled. And considering I only have enough flares for 5* T3 but enough earrings for 2…yeah, probably a Benedict.


Better off saving your flares and holding out for 6* version.

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i havent got a platinum earring ever. its probably like 1% to get em from that bag. but ive got 2x 5☆ taras. holding on to those flare guns just in case.

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Exactly same situation. I can claim 2x 5* but never got a platinum earring. I prefer to not think about FA, tbh.

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Because they forgot about her and left her to rot the second they released her like everything else in the game. They only care about creating new op premiers and gear bundles so they can keep the cash coming in. Maybe if people keep saying how they will pay for flares they will start pumping out some offers.

Just keep an eye out and pick up blue Andrea from the depot. She’s got a better take on Taras leader skill, hits harder, and you won’t have to wait 400 years to max her out either.

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Que the Pokemon Intro Karaoke.

I got all you guys beat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tara is pretty dumb tho. Like a 1 year to unlock by constantly playing for the average player lol.

Her only real advantage is that she doesn’t need GPS or CANTEEN
which is sort of insignificant now.

No one seems to really realize that all 6 stars Previously released before Camilla
are 400-600 stats behind all the new 6 stars.

That’s essentially 1 free Gold stat mod over all previous releases.

At this point, all of the current 6 stars are being demoted
and going to be phased out within the next 6 months and a new power creep
is underway.

Look at all the sales out right now for the best toons available right now.

Selling the product on sale or more guaranteed because
all of these revives, shields, are all about to be replaced by Superior Versions.

double revives, shields with 2000+ base def which is 400-500 better then what we have now.

The only good thing about this, is more free 2 play 6 stars on the Horizon.

Well. i’m bored I guess.

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She replaced Madison for me because the extra couple AP allow then to rush turn 3 without being hit

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I run Madison jeremiah Louis Erika and decap sandy. Seems to be able to take out any melee team. So not sure if Tara or Laura from FA would be worth grinding for cause I only have 3 flare guns.

Scopely’s rng only blesses me with basils from those FA bags.

Such great rewards.

Yea I use Andrea. But I do think Tara is better if you have solid red without using blues. Her defense down to a line is a big benefit.

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