A bolt of lightning hit my game today

I finally got my last flare gun after months and months for tara.

Is she even worth a darn?


Woooo! Now you just gotta acend her and start the process again.


If you are a struggling inspiring f2p on the grind to the top. Yes she is worth a darn.

If you are a struggling wishing upon a star chance at having a defense team because she isn’t a shield, revive, or disarming then noooooo.

I’m only at t2 6*. Started at 5*. The struggle for flare guns is real

Wait a miute here, are you saying that after i ascend her…i am gonna need more flare guns to level up 6 star tara??

If so…i am going to find a corner to go cry.



Yup even more than 5 star

How is that the last :joy::joy::man_shrugging:

5* needs 7 to max, 1 -> 2 -> 4
6* needs 12 to max, 2 -> 4 -> 6


I use her as lead at t1 6* she’s good.

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She is great on a premier team as well.

So… No… Depot her. Don’t get your hopes up. Dream small, achieve small. Adequacy is succuss.

Dàmm it…i already wasted trainers on her that i should have used on decap sandy


Rofl… I refuse to put any ar trainers into her until I have enough to t4 her. She’s mainly used for ygl fodder

Don’t know why they don’t sell them. Even for coins and money. So stupid. They make money on everything else.

Thank god they were burts.

And then later you’ll get the 6 star and have to ascend her too :slight_smile:

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Tara is more than worth the resources and modded right is an absolute monster even at t2 6*.

That’s not to say I’m bored asf of doing assaults to get more earrings and no flares. Currently have enough gold earrings for 2 more 5* to go with the one I actually use and the 3 I’ve used as fancy bennies


I love tara, mines is t1 6*, shes pretty good in my set up with hersh, jere, gov and mira.


Just because she’s available to F2P doesnt mean she is weak.
I am a P13 player and I use her against all green teams. Its easy to over look her defense down, 450% damage and heal reduction active due to the amazing leader skill she has. But she is indeed a beast!


I never claimed her to be weak. In fact I am probably one of the only few that will say how actually good she is even when she was released so idk what you are talking about.

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Amazing toon anyone that says she sucks or Andrea does the same thing they just don’t know what they talking about.