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I know we have more ways now of getting 5s but, if the ascendance is supposed to be a fun thing, we need more of them. I was one of lucky players who pulled both Mira and Carl but then I had to make the decision which one to go with. As I always preferred ranged team I wen with Mira and managed to include 6S Yumi, Abe and Ty to that team along with the shield Garrett. The issue is I now have a melee team in waiting as well but I cant ascend them.
Im fairly new to my region so the amount of 5s I have as limited and I already used most of them as fodder keeping just my main team and a team for zombies. This really affects the whole game for me:

  • not being able to play around with different setups is boring for me and predictable for the other players who simply get used to my team
  • competing in survival road tournaments with a limited roster? forget about it
  • i dont dare to think what I will need for the faction assualt

I now need a total of 48 5s cards to be able to have an all 6s range and all 6s melee team. Yes I can ascebd 4s into 5s cards but I need a total 48 beanies and flaks for that and almost 300 of other gear and we all know how pathetic scopely is at giving us a chance to farm it.

Yes, I do know that I can mix 5s cards in those teams but at a certain level you just cant compete with other teams.

There is something seriously wrong with the prizes structure - i mean this faction level up - 5k tokens for the top faction? i basically got half of a 5s (fodder), just 15 more times and I will be able to ascend 1 6s…

It doesn’t come from anyone who feels entitled - I dread to think what it’s like for people in lower factions where they get 2 or 1k 5s tokens per tourney. It will create a total imbalance in the game (as if there wasnt one already). In my region we only compete against one other faction - the rest is just a quick kill with their blue glenns (the scopely’s gift). I know a lot of that is due to the fact that some of them play casually but theres plenty of active players who jus CANT get any better without spending money on 5s pulls to use them as fodder for 6s )which is just stupid)

I dont really know what my point is, just get your shit together scopely. and these solo raid rewards… jesus, does someone actually get paid in live ops for this shite???


I think it’s now blatantly obvious that they want the game to end but want people to leave rather than close it and risk people wanting refunds, there is no other explanation to what we are seeing at the minute. We are basically all being trolled until we leave.