A bigger issue than a few extra coins

While everyone is distracted by the troll alt account spamming bout a rollback, we have many players whom can not play the game and are stuck in a loop which is being swept under the rug and the whole community keeps feeding the numerous troll posts, meanwhile everyone forgot about Negan or the AI as well. You are all super worried about those coins, the community falls for everything. In all honesty, the worst company that ive come across personally, but i do tip my hat to how they are able to control and play this community.

Anyways, anyone get stuck in a tutorial/new account loop bug? My lead is one of those people, shes been stuck in this loop where it restarts the game and gives her this message, only to restart again and again and again.

All the norm things have been done, restart the device, reinstall the app, clear the app cache, etc. The account is linked to a facebook and everything but when trying to complete this transfer, they are stuck in this loop.

As much as this community tears each other to pieces, there’s some really smart and good people here, I’d appreciate any insight, help, etc to this matter.


Unfortunately, the only thing I can recommend is to go through support with this. Open a ticket from the web site and work with support.


People who were caught up in the tutorial loop have been working with support and getting fixed. I don’t think this is the same issue. Are you a friend in Line?

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I created a ticket for this yesterday. No response from support yet. Still waiting…

I imagine they are a little busy a lot of people are stuck lol

Sometimes they respond fast sometimes it takes a time

Unfortunately is right :sob: i want my lead to be able to play again! Shes been ignored by support going on 15 hours now, im guessing they are busy with all the skull tokens and coins messages, just sucks our lead as well as others are stuck in some kinda loop and cant play. Thank you tho LG! Always here for the community. No line for me, she has line tho, shes sent JB messages.

Same thing happened to me yesterday wrote to support they haven’t replied yet but somehow after 5-6 hours I got through it

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Anything special you can think of that happened/you did to get back into your game?

Sometimes they just fix it without reply prob. Cause it would take longer.

Geez they even have to be sneaky about fixing things or helping people.

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Well I know we have at least 6k people in our region alone. I can’t even fathom the number of people mailing in rn

Loor making me forget what the topic is with the profile pic. Carry on.

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Have support make a ticket and ask them to bump it up the food chain to the dev’s. Including username, account code if u know it, level in game, and faction. Happen to me while I was in beta. @Shawn.Scopely directed me this way.

Umm… sleep? Lol I just slept and woke up opened the game and it worked

Well that fixes it! I’ll tell my lead and everyone else having this issue, they just need to take a nap and it will be fixed when they wake up :smirk: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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