A better week... Dare I say - Improvements?

Yes do take it to the team… anddddd its forgotten lol
Smh. But changes to war scoring are on their way ASAP.


Thank you sir, that’s appreciated

Sure, it was good of them to for once give out compensation like they should always have been doing, but let’s not forget the fiasco that turned into itself. Screwing it up multiple times, support treating us like morons and liars… some people still haven’t received their compensation.
I’ll give props for the compensation itself though. But the execution was a huge fail.

The roadmap event, while better than recent events, is still not doable by many without spending. Maybe if you’re lv150. But otherwise, nope, unless they’ve been hoarding tons of refills, which most of those at lower levels haven’t been able to do, bc they need them for daily game play. Even so, it’s for a near useless toon. And Its boring af on top of it all. The only ones who could really benefit from Michonne, are the ones who can’t get her f2p.

Also, don’t forget to look at the calendar. The last couple weeks have been a joke imo.

Don’t let a few positives go to your head. The last couple weeks overall have sucked imo

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Good post, forget about league toons that’s going to be an epic fail

When ever war is 6 v 6 starting energy should be changed to 6

I am a broken record sometimes cause i have said this over and over and over lol it is a tactic that is used. If anyone wants to know where it comes from look into the 48 laws of power.

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