A better week... Dare I say - Improvements?

Until this week, for the last month or 2 there had been very very few positives aside from the Christa/James freebies. And whilst there has still been a fair few negatives this week, I want to list the positives:

-Multiple compensations. Whilst this won’t really amount to much since it is for a 6 star character, it is still a very nice gesture, especially since you included balloons as well. (Don’t get me wrong - this is normal practice in other games, so I’m just saying that it’s good you are finally doing the same.)
-Another free Sclass. Although he was yet another red, he isn’t too bad at all for a free toon and made a lot of people more positive.
-An event based on roadmaps that leaves plenty of leeway for those who don’t hit most of the roadmaps and also for the other end has a large window for over achievement (over double the requirement for the main completion)
-Whilst in paltry amounts and could have been higher and choices rather than random, the side rewards for the roadmap include collectables that the main race is for atm in the game.
-The ability to gain 3 6 stars from the new event. Not that they are meta relevant anymore, but it is a nice touch in comparison to everything since Pathways.
-Whilst in some areas communication has gotten worse, within the game itself, there was far better communication (as in more than none).
-6vs6 Wars. This one is more of a personal opinion as an improvement since there are many that don’t like this, but many more that prefer this.
-Delay of War. Whilst this on the face of it seems a negative, it was done to ensure faction transfers weren’t botched anymore than they had been already. So I put this in the positives.
-Slightly improved daily rewards with less difficult weekly rewards given. Although there are some kinks, this was a good move.

There have been a fair whack of negatives this week too, but I wanted to list the positives here since it’s been a long while since we’ve had so many in a week.


That is mostly true except a lot of people still haven’t gotten the compensation they said they were getting

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Fair comment, I wasn’t aware the flags and balloons hadn’t been delivered yet for some.

yeah compensation has been varied
I got.mines, have way to many flags

communication has been normal, terrible as usual

war, 6 v 6, well it’s ok
they do want to.funnel us to wave one I guess

rewards.for milestones for level up gets worse every week, I expect the fac ones will be worse

what happen to the previous events, solo sr, solo raid gone

Scopely sets expectations so low that these are considered improvements…


Oh I completely agree that they aren’t the best, but in comparison to what they’ve been the last 3 months, this week has been about even for improvements in relation to mistakes/bugs/downgrades. It levelled out this week.

i got 30 baloons from scopely for my compensation, and thats good. i appreciate every little thing that they do to player

6v6 wars suck ass

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credit where credit is due though. This is better than anything we would normally be used to.

Normally its just a FU gimme more money

To run a 24x7 war queue over a 57 hour 8v8 war, every faction member has to put in 15.2 hours - more than 5 hours a day for each day of the weekend - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That goes down to 11.4 hours when it’s 6v6. MOST factions in the game can’t go 8v8 every other weekend, it’s too big a demand on their members.

6v6 rocks.


I think I get what you’re saying, less commitment, less rewards, more commitment , more rewards.

6v6 is good for less active and/or smaller factions that are slower filling, but for very active factions and top factions, this means the queue fills very fast and a lot of frustration for players who struggle to get in during their prime war time (this improves towards the end of war as players who have reached their milestones drop for others who haven’t.)

With 8v8, two more players can get in per war to score points, and there are 2 more opponent camps to attack and score from.

6 vs 6 is the way to go… easy to fill and keep it rolling.

Also have to agree with the positives stated here. Decent week in game overall, been rare that the positives out way the negatives. I’ve enjoyed the Michone event and love Kapoor

Holy crap!
That’s some amazingly precise stats.
Thank you for sharing.

I’m still shocked it’s expected that 5hrs+ / day for a weekend for war + 1 hr for roadmaps + tourneys + SR is a realistic expectation for user activity.

With prizes where they are, no kidding people are tuning out

@CLIFTON87 Glad to read that we are on the right track to improve the game and this is being noticed.

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Keep on this track and it could definitely be the curve that takes the game back to what it used to be.
The big test now is what the next league store will look like and whether gear and trainer issues in milestones will be addressed. If both of these things are treated in a positive way for the players then it will bring a lot more positivity back into the game overall. Especially the league store, now Sclass are out, it needs a big jump forward from what it has offered in the 6star only days.

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Yeah, 1k s-class collectible bag and meta relevant toons, no one wants yellow barker or some other trash can

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That was probably sarcasm

@GR.Scopely how about using accessible toons for velvet cake collections? Gain a golden star on your forehead

@Carl_Porter Yes it is a point raised by players all across and worth pushing to the team. :star: