A beautiful sight

Dont you guys love the color blue?


i know which colour scopely loves… its green!



Let’s be honest ain’t that everyone’s favorite color?

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ill disappoint you but i value many things more then money. you understand that a games forum aint the place to talk about it.

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is it possible to beat these teams?

Very possible


What i get a kick out of most is that someone actually bought that sh!tty Tyreese Axe

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And yet you still can’t defend hahahahaha


i agree with you. as the comedian Gregg Rogell once said, and i quote "It’s the little things in life that are important: a good meal, fresh-fallen snow, the look on a child’s face just before you hit it… ".

i beat these teams with 1 5* on my team routinely.

Kate is ket

Victor actually, but i did recently pull kate from something, maybe 5* tokens? almost leveled up and ready to test out

mood color is blue


Dont worry we have holly coming to take glenns place and add to the revive chain, its cool tho shes only like one of the most op revives to drop besides having hp boost but those 2 lydias got it covered - keep surviving :slight_smile:

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