A Bad Day for Carl


Stunned, confused, impaired, disarmed, bleeding, hemorrhaging, attack reduced, defense reduced, can’t heal, and a little bit on fire


At least he’s not taunted or maimed (stupid taunt expired, grumble…)


Game machine broke


Never seen that many status effects on a single toon before. But the real question is why is the rest of his team ranged and not melee lol


Just another part of the bad day? :stuck_out_tongue:

For real though, I just needed toons that healed without curing or granting status effects to make it easier to smack him around and build AP. The 4* rangers were the only ones that fit the bill

Plain heals are kinda rare



Pretty good day for Wyatt! Other than bleeding and being on fire…


Hmmmm… But did you win?


So basically you blew him up.


image they were attacked by him


Who tf uses 4* Chad with Carl lead?


I actually do see maim damage there. 600 of it



Why is Carl leader of a range team


I wish there was a quicker way to view debuffs though.

A way to improve this.
For example: click and hold on the character (it’s like when you want to see its details and then there would be a section with all the current debuffs + buffs - most importantly, debuffs)


Agree, theres so many new status effects and teams are more tanky and it takes sometimes a bit more time to defeat them than in 5* era. Info about status need some improvement to help you make quicker decissions.

Also idk if i’m alone with this but from all battle animations, recover ones, for example “Recover Impair”, seems to be a bit slower. Thats somewhat annoying.


That’s hemorrhage.

Maim is a little white broken heart thingy

Hemo is a little red triangle with fuzzies on top (right after defense down in the OP gif)


Agreed completely. I nearly timed out just waiting for the marquis of debuff bubbles to finish a cycle. Not ideal