98% of faction leaders in top 3 factions want region mergers/migrations before mods


I made a poll in a line chat consisting of leaders from top factions in various regions. Again, these aren’t random voices, everyone who voted in this poll is a lead or co lead for a top faction in their region. The thing that is most telling to me is that lots of these people aren’t in dying regions, but they see the future problems for their regions and don’t want to become the next dade. The results aren’t surprising at all…

Region mergers make it happen already

Great poll. How much longer must we deal with feature creep without getting actual, substantial fixes to broken feature implementation?


30 years after the game dies


Our eyes: 20 overtakes 2. Scopely’s eyes: 2 wins.


Making it where u can pull 6 stars didn’t help either if you still had to accumulate everything to ascend one the newer regions wouldn’t be dying like they are.


If there was democracy they would ask us before creating it. They put it in beta just to see if it has bugs. It will be coming, there’s no stopping it unless korea drops a nuke on scopely or something.



In the eyes of many gaming companies, “merging” is often believed to show weakness and/or failure to the community which in turn gets postponed until it’s inevitable.


I would.pay to move rosters/toons


Decided against removing Shiva and Carl from the 5* wheel due to negative feedback, also after many many months of complaining did something about the originally armoury cheaters (although some weapons were still kept)


No correlation between the two options.
This could be done in the same time.
What will happen is that Scopely will release mods and nothing will be done against dying regions. Have a nice day.


I’m a co lead in my faction also, top 3.
It’s a resounding no here also. Pretty sure my entire faction would agree.



This is the kind of thing you should share. You have a lot of great players that have put a shit load of time and money into your game sitting in these regions that just want a chance to play with more people. There has to be something that can be done.

I don’t buy that crap about region mergers not being able to work at all. Some kind of paid transfer would even work to approved regions maybe? Throw them a bone! As Jack says this isn’t very promising for other players that are in younger regions to continue to spend and support your game.


Quiet, terri and z-note are in there as is magz and blaze


Ahhh that chat! Nice. Quiet is no longer with us. Another victim of the vets.


Actually I got some response on Tripp, was nice to be heard but he shouldn´t really have broken twice in the first place. I can only agree its sad to see how they prioritize. Huge backlog of urgent fixes yet they keep implementing new features, wth!


Combat fixes are made constantly through feedback. Just do a activity for devs and look at CombatDevil. They have fixed several things that I have brought up to them through posts or private message.


To add to the topic. New features are great unless you can’t play the game the way it was intended, you know with other people

There’s not even two full factions worth of people To score yet


We were averaging 300-400 in between last month now rip lol


That’s the point. They can choose to dedicate their resources to solving the issue of dying regions by allowing for migrations or they can release new content. One abandons their players, the other supports them