900,000 pull mission?

Hey, at 1000 tokens per pull how am I gonna get my faction to pull 900 times?


I had 2… lol


It doesn’t make sense to me… Was it done to stop people from doing the Skull Token Exploit? How am I going to make an honest pull now?

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They’ll probably change it back when they find a way to block any exploiting, they have 20 days before tokens go to waste

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I like the Thanos metaphor idea. One half of the players will vanish if ya take their coins and the other half will leave if they don’t.


Well I don’t think they can take what you don’t have anymore :wink:

Don’t understand how an account roll back works, huh?

I’ve seen accounts with negative coins lol

They have done negative coins in the past I’ve had it done to me before. Illegitimate acquisition of coins or something and ended up -13k

Lol its so easy to stop it anyways but it is scopely their lack of common sense is astonishing.


And what is illegitimate?
Event was available only for lvl 15 players.
Did players sent the rewards in their inbox by themselves at lvl 2?
We all deserve a compensation for this mess up, not a roll back.


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