90 Stash. Anyone pulled?

Wondering what sort of numbers you pulled the 6* on?

Tbh I think the stashes should be something you want your consumers to complete.
But the amount of pulls is crazy.
The Conner one was nice with the unique weapon…if it had been shorter.

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The stashes are never worth it imo. They over value everything so much they always over price and put too much trash in. If they did a stash for a really good premier recruit for 100-150 dollars that would be the only way I’d even consider a stash.


If it was guaranteed 1 big pull for that toon you know people would jump on it regardless of the useless garbage in there. But hey it’s better then seeing a 40 pull with all 4*’s.

We’ll never see that happen cause one 6* is worth want 500 dollars in scopely’s eyes?

Idk I’m waiting for the pay to acquire mods to come out to really bring the struggle out into the free to play hands

Happy raiding/warring where towered won’t help you anymore.

You can say that again, I cant wrap my head around how it can be more lucrative to sell these stashes only to whales instead of providing some bang for the buck and making EVERYBODY get the urge for more coins “because omg crazy good deals ar going on” Not this SCAM RNG, zero ROI shit.

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