90% of faction members hate Horde

In the 2 factions I’m in…not good…most common complaint…



Same…at least 2/3 of the players are pissed off and considering quitting rn, this absolutely screws us over and does us no good whatsoever, an extra week without war means less raid refills for tourneys, less world refills to farm for gear, survivors, food etc etc for level ups as well as less trainers and tokens…who is this benefiting cuz it ain’t us


Could just not play the tournament… I see there’s still a level up to enjoy :wink:


90% of mine like it. Guess we have a stand off.


Lol…your nose is growing…tell the truth before you poke someone in the eye

Other factions in the region are having the same conclusion of dissatisfaction


Talk about telling the truth when you said in another thread nobody in your factions likes it…

Looking at my leaderboard, I don’t see 90% of people disliking it neither


No they dont like it,…thanks for bringing that up…proves the point!

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I don’t see how anything you’ve said on here proves any point you’ve made whatsoever.


A lot of my people don’t care for it either but I’m digging it. It’s different and strategic.

You need to figure out how to play before hating on something. Most people don’t want to bother reading and actually learning.


I know but you and your mate are obviously biased…you have to comment on every thread…its what compels you to strike out and others dissatisfaction?

Flip the coin …we dont care that you like it?

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We have our own opinions. Are we not allowed to have them while other people can go on the same threads and say their opinions? Exactly.

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You just copied what i said…amazing …just let scopely read the over abundance of disgruntled players towards Hordes so they can fix it or cancel it…

Another major complaint…too much button pushing

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Am I his mate you refer to? I was typing my retort then realised I better check :slight_smile:

Ya if you use your heads before spewing opinions…there’s literally nothing good about this garbage event and yall just inhaling all the white stuff scopelys spraying on your face and asking for more…stand up for yourself and other players instead of slurping it up and swallowing


Well said Citz…its amazing how crazed some players get…honesty must be accepted first at all costs…

There are hordes of players groaning about Hordes…!

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I didn’t copy what you said at all… I said others go on those threads as well to voice their opinions and yet we (the people who enjoy the event) aren’t allowed to voice our opinions?

Why would I say an opinion without it actually being my opinion? Obviously I have used my head. I have said it can be improved, fixed, etc. It’s a cool concept, I’m not changing my opinion just because there are some parts of it that can be improved.


Now you’re copying yourself…amazing.

I apologize for stating facts and upsetting you … I wish you a good day

To name 3 good things:

  1. It’s a new type of event. Variation is not something I alone have been calling for in these past months
  2. Considering it uses the Onslaught prize model, it finally introduced milestones
  3. Effort has gone into the UI, unlike Onslaught which seemed pretty slapped together

If you look in my post history you’ll see I haven’t at all defended this new mode unconditionally. Rewards, energy fills and matchmaking ought to be reassessed

Boy who cried wolf. Gamer who cried rubbish. Some things are good, recognising these gives legitimacy to recognising the bad.