9.3 Update [Feedback Thread] [Beta]


I would love to hear something about that question… I have:
25.000 5* Tokens
2100 4* weapon Token

So it would be cool to get information :ok_hand:


So this true?

I can’t find where this is posted so just looking for confirmation this isn’t old.



Yeah no update to wheels while the update is still in beta.

5* Token pulls - pull now or wait?

Hey @Agrajag, thanks for the info.
Since I don’t see it in the patch note, is Mirabelle rush finally not gonna trigger parting shot?:stuck_out_tongue:

And btw, in territories, defense faction only lose HP that characters of the defeated team really had wheras before, if you made 900 damage (because they were holding it for a long time), the faction lost 4500 HP (now it’s only the 3000 max if 5 character with 600 HP each). Hope you understand but this is a very problematic change imo since it’s becoming a lot harder to remove a faction. I don’t complain because it helped us a lot with the event territories but is it normal or not?


Continuing the discussion from :strong: 9.3 Update [Official Blog] Now in Beta:

This issue is NOT fixed…still see the black bar, can barely see the screen still. @agrajag @combatman


So this SHOULD be the update with the odds publicised? Best be as that will be 2 or 3 since the Apple announcement


Supporters can not be used in the world


What about Long Press on Territory reward collection?

What about being able to dial in how many items you want to purchase under “Gear Markers”



We´ve (I) been requesting improvements like this for all transactions for quite some time. Instead we get an accelerated counter function that actually is useless since it goes from slow to ultra super fast in like two seconds.

Its all those little things that really show how much the developer care, but instead of implementing clever solutions we get quick fixes and bugs with every “update”…

Why so much half-assed? =(


I think i speak for everyone saying we would REALLY like if rewards in faction assaults were the same for every guildie.

In most guilds, any player can easily reach #1 if they want to. Its not hard. So what’s the point? Instead, guilds are stuck to manage turns, some players get frustrated because they werent available at start and finished last, etc…

This reward “ranking” simply does not have a place in a cooperation event such as Faction Assault. EVERYONE hates it. please remove it.

Also, please add new levels because lv5 is way too easy for most end-game guilds.


Another feature that would be much appreciated is to have Exp Scav Missions turn in ONLY until the “complete” button is clicked.

Many times i clicked by mistake on a completed You Got Lucky Scav Mission, which I wanted to save for a Lvl Up Tournament…very frustrating!


Why aren’t new story missions added to the update? Smh…


Agragag said they will be updated with the wheel


What story missions?


No he didn’t.


So about those odds…


Dude, the update isnt out yet. That is what this thread is about. It should be fixed when it is out and you have downloaded and installed it.




Doh! Derp Derp