9.3 Update [Feedback Thread] [Beta]


Please write all feedback and thoughts regarding 9.3 here!

Thank you everyone. :slight_smile:

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:strong: 9.3 Update [Official Blog] LIVE!
Patch notes for 9.3

I approve, long overdue


Is this just the beginning? is there more to come with this patch. Much requested change and appreciated.



Sincerely, King Alfred


Any update as to when odds will displayed?


5* token wheel? I fought it was adressed to be updated in this new update.


Should be this update if I remember correctly.


So now theres no excuse for selfish faction mates NOT to use a drop lead for faction support lol


Looking forward to it! Looking forward to odds being displayed, even though that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes.


Want a refresh in the 5* token wheel, need play cap increased, again and more world stages. These additions are not an improvement in gameplay


Will a user’s avatar be displayed for raids as well? If so it’ll make it difficult when deciding who to attack based on leads or difficulty of bot teams.


5* token wheel is supposedly getting an update shortly after the release of 9.3. As well as 4* and ascension pools getting updated.


Tagging @Agrajag for visibility!


Double checking on this for you – I believe you will still be able to see their Lead.


Raiding is so damn easy, not being able to see peoples defense lead like when you raid teams in territories could be a good change.


Finally, this means we finally get a update for the Ascendance list, 4* Character Wheel
and more. Atleast it promised that way…


SUPPOSEDLY, lol. Not seeing anything yet so could be added as a seperate post but wouldn’t be surprised if it somehow fell through the cracks. The defense is a nice change but imo should be 1 part of a big patch. Seems like that’s all were getting this time.


Just gotta wait that little bit more for beta to finish :slight_smile:


Any more info you could provide would be great. Which specific screen, whether thats a log of you raiding out or being raided, win/lose, etc.


It will still display your Leader for Raids!