9.2 Food Update and Clarification


9.2 Food Update and Clarification

Since posting details on the upcoming 9.2 patch, we’ve seen a lot of questions around the changes to the in-game food economy. We wanted to answer your questions and clarify how the new system will work. We understand the large role food plays within the ecosystem of Road to Survival and how historically, it has been challenging for players at times to acquire food at meaningful levels. The changes we’re implementing in 9.2 should be a significant improvement to the in-game food economy. Players will have more ways to acquire food and the quantity of food generated from many food-gathering channels are increasing.

We’ll get into the details further below, but at a high-level, here are the key clarifications on how food will work in 9.2:

The Gear Depot will contain food options that will be purchasable for Gear Markers (details below).
Lower rarity gear (Wrinkled Shirt, Work Gloves, Neckerchief, Rain Boots, Running Shoes and Sunglasses) can still be sold directly for food. Food conversion ratio will not change.
Survival Road will now drop food as a reward.

How Food Works in the New Gear Depot

With the addition of the Gear Depot, we’ve updated the way players will exchange the majority of their gear for food, with the intent of giving players significantly more food.

At release of 9.2, there will be two food options available for purchase in the Gear Depot:

10,000 food for 15 Gear Markers
100,000 food for 150 Gear Markers

Lower rarity gear will exchange at an equal or greater rate than pre-9.2, while higher rarity gear will exchange at a significantly greater rate.

At every level of exchange, players will get equal or more food for their gear than before.

The design goal behind these exchange ratios was to align food exchange more closely to reflect the rarity of items in our game and better reward players for higher value items. Our belief after evaluating historical gear exchange rates is that all players should find food much easier to obtain. We will continue to monitor this post the launch of the feature and will make any adjustments as necessary.

Note that there will be 999 quantities of each food option available for purchase (refreshing every 24 hours) and unlike other items in the Gear Depot, food will not be subject to sales at release.

While we feel confident in the current exchange rates and pricing for food, we’re still fine-tuning the system and listening to community feedback when it comes to these updates. All numbers are subject to change as we look at results from Beta and through release.

Update 9.2.0 is now LIVE! [Feedback Thread]

9.2.0 Update Discussion

Please demonstrate this with actual calculations. Simply I don’t trust these statements.

Also I don’t trust that you won’t mess with the drop rates to make it so we receive higher level gear less often as a round about way to nerf us, as that is all we see these days.

Note your players want farmable gear maps back. But that’s simply ignored for some trash work around that’s not wanted. Seriously look at equivalent tier exchange rates. If it takes 10 to get 1, how is that a viable exchange? If you think it is, I have a mortgage loan I’m willing to offer you. Trust me :wink:


this is what’s happening >>
At every level of exchange, players will get equal or more food for their gear than before.


Heres what i see, another chore to obtain food. Everything seems like its becoming such a run around its crazy. Trade this for that to get this but wait gotta do this before that before we can get that. Honestly I’d really like to know what was broken with the old system that needed fixing? Games are not supposed to be a chore, they are supposed to be fun.


I’m sorry, I’m not sure I get what you’re asking?

They sell individually for 13,200 now, instead of the 6,500 as before. It is the same as when you would sell it for food before the gear depot. But now, there are other items that get way more food when you sell it.


People were complaining about needing different types of gear. The gear depot allows you to exchange gear for what you need. As a result of this, it made it so you can’t directly sell it for food. To solve that, you can buy food with the gear markers.


This is what im trying to get at @kalishane. Its more calculus then a game.


Would love to see live examples/screenshots of new future features in threads like this becuase that would make it so much easier for us as customers to understand. Since these things are nerfed/reduced in beta that’s not always the best place to check either.

Also, still waiting for you to reply to my pm :smirk:


Heres the math as we have seen thus far:
15 points for 10k food
Unless these 13k items generate 18 depot points or so, we still end up at a net loss regarding that.
To make it where we definitively have a gain, all these items need to be set to that kind of standard.
Yes we can get other stuff (essentially for food) but the core conversion as we see it is not a 1:1 ratio.


Would be able to expect that you guys will give out Gear tokens in milestones instead of say 1 hiking boot, 1 gas mask and 1 stove or whatever other random gear we would get in the lower milestones during some events? I would hope you won’t take away the bags for the higher gear but would be cool to get tokens and we can get whatever gear we would need through the gear depot for the smaller gear stuff.

Also was it ever said if 6* gear would ever be offered in the depot? Like canteens or Gps’s Or even the hockey masks and double holsters.


My issue with this concept is:

These “items” will be Elite & Ultra gear that is now harder to come by since the nerfing of the original gear maps.

Most players simply will not sell those items now because of the crazy nrg needed to complete the new map for 1 of each & possibility of a bag drop containing 1 extra piece. Yes they have increased in rarity for sure.

I can’t help but to be extremely excited at these new prospects…oh my yes!


And this shows why the player base is ‘toxic’

The development team made a choice to take away farmable gear for 4s and 5s toons (which big picture is irrelevant due to 6s) but necessary to get to a 6s which has highly restrictive gear. Terrible choice cause it just made more bottlenecks on top of the new bottlenecks.

So in response to this negative feedback,

You come up with the terrible idea that we need to sell 6-10 to get 1 piece of equivalent tier gear and take our traditional way of storing food. So now it is food or gear, buying one detracts from the other.

Now in the face of overwhelming negative feedback, instead of admitting this isn’t adding to the game and reworking it for future potential addition (that can actually provide value), you continue to try to force feed us something we don’t want and try to say this is somehow a good thing.

Simply more bottlenecks ontop of bottlenecks on top of bottlenecks. It is very clear your designers do not play this game.

Attrition is already very high, what’s a few more lost players.

Just close the forum and leave a sign that says all dead inside.

losers flagged this so edited to remove unnecessary flag


I just like that their solution to the lack of food problem wasn’t the easy, clear fix of adding more food to rewards. No, the solution is to create a new exchange with confusing exchange rates with the promise that we will eventually be able to get more food.

[insert eye roll emoji here]


Not sure why it was decided to make this change. It will only complicate things further and force people to change habits and something they’ve grown comfortable with doing.

Why not just have dual values? To be sold for either food or gear markers, which ever is desired.


@kalishane finally you understand us. I like that rates, 15 gm for 10k food.

thank you so much, that’s can balance food system if gears sell nice price, like released photos. school bag etc. nice prices…

I want to ask legendary gears, will it show on gear depot? maybe rarely?


Is it too late to try wood instead of tokens? :rofl:


I’m liking that the community expressed a huge concern about food, and the feedback seemed to be listened to and implemented before the feature was pushed live.

Really liking the idea that gear can be sold and turned to more food than before, that makes me less antsy about the change.

Not liking the long restock rates. 5* gear is something I’d rather not have to worry about running out of, and I don’t feel the energy/gear ratio in the current daily gear map is sufficient.

The relatively unbalanced persona types for the most common characters doesn’t help with that either. I’m out of belt w/ holsters and night vision goggles because I have several leaders and hunters to level, but have a million police shields and briefcases because I have no peacekeepers or citizens


The traditional way of storing food is going to be improved, they’re saying. One of the earlier posters in the 9.2 feedback thread was saying food value of some items has been increased to over 1000% of the original value.

If all you want is food from selling gear, then other than the added middleman step of dealing with gear markers, this seems like an improvement


Your missing the point.

The restriction on gear in the first place due to their new gear map 2.0 forces you to use this new gear depot system to get the gear you need that was otherwise already available. As such this bottle neck will be a drain not a gain as you will need to sell just to get the gear we used to acquire at on a regular basis.

So yes if all you do is sell for food, then maybe there is a small gain, but you will get less due to needing to feed into this system because of the first change they implemented with the new gear map. And if you go to that gear map for gear pieces you won’t get crap for survivors, weapons or even gear items so basically we lose all around.

Overall this is a set back.