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Gear depot = huge food nerf for most players. Some like me will lose millions of food if this goes live. Very few people will find this depot really useful…unless it contains 6* gear. I strongly doubt the food “increase” in survival road will compensate especially that you need to craft items to “store” this food and not get it raided, which means 50% loss of value.


Complete food nerf move. Oh the excitement… Might as well just confirm farmable gear map is not making a return as well… Nothing we like more than farming shit to sell for more crap that we used to be able to farm at a reasonable rate with world refills rather than the trash we have today.

Just wow the tickets will be flowing…

Yeah I bet a grand total of 100k or whatever abysmally small value will make up for the 30+ million food I have stored up in gear over time…

Thanks. Nerf away.

Also pay close attention to the conversion rate. Sell 12-25 to get 1 of the equivalent tier. Just amazing. HUGE VALUE EXACTLY WHAT WE ASKED FOR


I might of missed something but how is that a nerf when it is an addition?


I’ll clarify

No they clearly say they are providing food in survival road to ‘offset’ this, but we all know it won’t offset shit.


So selling from our inventory got an overhaul I am guessing as well? I didn’t play beta but if someone has can they clarify that please.


The gear depot needs to have gear for 6s. Open up the old gear maps back up and we don’t even need that gear, so it seems to just be making it complicated where it doesn’t need to be. This would be convenient only in the situation where you NEED a piece of gear, but in the long run it’s still unnecessary if Scopely would drop the classic version of each gear map once every two weeks and the whole “gear depot” feature (that doesn’t offer good gear anyway) is completely avoidable. I’d love it if it offered gear for 6s, but it doesn’t.

Make the option of selling gear for food OR for the markers. Again, if you’re lacking a piece of gear or two, the depot can be very convenient, but completely getting rid of the option to sell for food is super frustrating, especially for those of us who don’t enjoy survival road.

Friendly duels seem really awesome and the duel in faction chat seems like it could be neat but also a little tedious to work around when trying to talk in it. I think the chatting system in the game needs a huge overhaul. Like you know, live private messaging with a separate tab for said person…

Excited for the quick farming and friendly duels, but gear depot doesn’t interest me in the slightest.


Some of us have about 6000 hiking boots, compasses, etc that right now can be sold for a shit ton of food. Unless they want to sell it all in slow incrmemnts and convert to about a six week queue of high/deluxe replens (taking a 50% loss in the process), then they in effect lose half the food available if not all of it. This is a real cock in the dick of legacy players who need more gear for the vast shovelling of new 6*s and some 5s for level up when the 100k scav mission YGL doesnt show up on command and require coins to speed up unlocking and completing.

Combined with the lack of t4 6* gear except on Spenders or Grinders milestones… this bottlenecks ascending to the last power plateau even MORE than the already shitty slow pace non whales are at.


@kalishane the more I look into this update, the more I realize I am wasting my time on these forumns. Not one thing players have wanted is being incorporated. So why bother anymore?

You guys should really, REALLY, test out these gear markers before releasing it. If this is a money grab in order to get us to buy food (like the ultra was intended to make us buy cans), then it will be a disaster! Fair warning.


You sure that response was for me?


Im explaining how it nerfs veteran players. the game is apparently rebuilding to try and accomodate for new players while jettisoning all veterans who remember the ‘good’ old days by hampering and frustrating them at every turn.


You are losing the food you have stored in gear and replacing it with the ability to buy lower tier gear that should not be necessary if the gear maps were farmable, and with the numerous level ups this is a massive blow.
The other features are a nice addition but this is just another scheme designed at seemingly using the stranglehold on gear that scopley themselves placed, as a way to look like they are istening to player feedback, and lets face it the top line of the depot can simply be ignored.

Its also worth noting the current prices mean that to get a long coat at normal price i will have to sell 2 gps to acquire it, or alternatively 6 other long coats. They have simply copied the old supply depot and ignored all the feedback and changes peoople want in it no one is gonna buy hiking boots (you need to sell over 45 of them to get one piece of tier4 gear btw)


You misread what I put. All I am saying is that I thought this was an addition on top of what we already have. As it is another tab in the supply depot but NOT our inventory where we normally sell things. I was asking if that as well got an overhaul in terms of what we get when we sell the items.


No. we lose the ability for probably all 3* gear to be converted to food, if not 2*s as well if i read shanes post right. Until it goes live (Or beta users break out the details), we wont know just how much excess gear is going to essentially become junk points. Now we can More Likely get the gear we are short on, at the cost of being wholly unable to grind food reliably because SR is ten stages a day daily or whatever the sr tourny rng gives.


Discussion for update
None of the discussion will matter


At least they did acknowledge both the 8% AP weapon description (really quickly) and the food loss concern. We’re not being ignored. Not completely.

Weapon lock and friendly duels are wishes that a lot have made and got granted. That’s pretty cool.

Combat and animation speed getting boosted is helpful for those who aren’t enjoying the farming, which a few on the forums have been saying recently.

The gear depot idea seems… Not great. Not unless the stock, refresh rate, prices, and selection are all tweaked to suit the current 6* meta.

At least 4 new features, 3 improvements 1 possibly bad is actually mostly positive. No torch and pitchfork for me…yet


Lmao. Effectively forcing players to grind through your worst and most boring content after you starve them of food. Unbelievable :wink:


I would imagine the combat speed improvements would be quite appreciated as well.


True, I hadn’t even thought of that. The salvage speed going up is nice too, though I already redeemed a lot of mine. Good for before I’m going to bed and don’t want to actually play, but also don’t want to waste energy


The speed will be great, less time looking at the screen farming, duels will be fun for a while, least someone can give feed back, remember when everyone always asked to video the battle?
Idk about the new shop but what she shown is just an example so hopefully better! Can’t keep giving off about everything, least they are doing something with some negatives.