[9.2.0] Patch Notes

Patch Notes 9.2.0

New Features

New Gear Depot - sell extra Gear for Gear Markers to buy the Gear you need!
Friendly Duels - Test new characters, experiment with new teams, and earn the ultimate bragging rights among your factionmates!
Combat Improvements - Skip Reward Screens, Auto-Play Combat Speed Toggle, and more!


Added full support for Google Pixel 2 XL
Added ‘Speciality’ sort option for Fighters
Added the ability to lock weapons so that they cannot be sold or dismantled
Added support for two swipes to close app on iPhone X
Improved the Autofill feature to set a character with a leader skill as the leader

Combat Improvements

AI no longer uses focus active or activates human shield against walkers
Heal Block now also blocks bonus HP

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug where players would sometimes get stuck with a loading animation during Faction Assault combat
Fixed a bug where players could get stuck on the ‘Boss Defeated’ screen during Faction Assault
Fixed a bug where the Survival Road Supply Depot might not refresh items on timed refresh
Fixed a bug where sometimes items offered as Survival Road Tournament rewards could not be found
Fixed bug where the ‘ok’ button could become unresponsive during Drug Kit Tutorial in Survival Road
Fixed a bug in all Wars where a Scouting Victory might not award Assault Tickets
Fixed an issue in Cross Realm Wars where sometimes the player would spend coins to repair their camp, but the camp might revert to a destroyed state
Fixed a bug where the Guardian Shield icon might not be removed from an Outlast specialist transitioning to the Outlast state while Bleeding or Burning
Fixed an issue where the Faction Boss team might be saved if leaving a Faction while a Boss is active
Fixed an issue where leveling up a character’s active skill could cause the game to reload
Fixed an issue where Raid Logs could display the incorrect amount of reputation earned from raids done while having the Smooth Talker I territory buff
Fixed an issue where the player could lose Survival Markers when transitioning between devices or realms
Fixed an issue where weapons that heal at the start of a wave might not heal at the start of the first wave of a Survival Road stage
Fixed an issue where stacked buffs in status bubbles might not show the correct total bonus increase for that effect
Fixed the description of some weapon effects that indicated “when taking damage” as opposed to “when being attacked”
Fixed an issue where the revive weapon effect could only trigger on the primary target when enemies were killed by an AR or Waste Not damage
Fixed an issue where Legendary Dwight’s default weapon had upgrade squares on its listing
Fixed an issue where Bonus HP could target teammates with max Temp HP when other characters weren’t at max Temp HP
Fixed an issue where territories would sometimes go from faction-owned to the Walkers after being taken over by a faction
Fixed an issue where players could get into a state where they couldn’t declare war