9.2.0 | LIVE NOW | New Year, New Update! [ Official Blog Post ]


New Year, New Update!

Coming up in our 9.2 release that will be launching soon, we’ve improved many of the features you use the most in order to make your TWD:RTS experience even better. Many of the new features and improvements in this release have come directly from suggestions made by you, our players. Check out Friendly Duels, The Gear Depot, Weapon Lock and new ways to speed up the action!

Coming Soon: Sell Gear, Get What You Need

Introducing the Gear Depot. This addition to the Supply Depot lets you sell unwanted or extra Gear for Gear Markers – to buy the Gear you need! Use Gear Markers to purchase Gear from the Gear Depot to upgrade your recruits. A range of gear, from Hiking Boots to School Bags will be available for purchase.

The Gear Depot is located in the Supply Depot under the ‘Gear’ Tab to the left of the Supply Depot. Note that some Gear items sell for Food, while others sell for Gear Markers.

*Gear prices subject to change

You can acquire Gear Markers in a variety of ways:
Selling unwanted Gear to the Gear Depot
Earning them through rewards for various events
Select offers and Gear Roadmaps
Please note that Supply Points will now be known as Supply Markers going forward.

Since gathering and selling gear was an important food source for many, we’re making food more abundant in Survival Road - effective now. Head into Survival Road to get more food than ever before!

The Gear Depot will be opening soon. Sell gear for food today - or save it to exchange for Gear Markers in the future. The choice is yours!

Test Your Skill with Friendly Duels

Factions now have the ability to engage in Friendly Duels. Find Friendly Duels in the Raids menu. Test new characters, experiment with new teams, and earn the ultimate bragging rights among your factionmates!

Your friendly duel defense team will be separate from your raid defense team, so you can feel free to experiment without losing any rep! Request duels from your factionmates or scroll through a list of your faction members to challenge. Friendly duels cost no energy.

You can view results of your Friendly Duels in your Raid Log:

And - soon after this update - some of your Faction’s Friendly Duel activity will be displayed in Faction Chat:

Faction Assault Updates

Due to positive player feedback and increased engagement during our last Assault Ticket discount, we’re permanently lowering summoning costs! Select summoning costs will soon be reduced to the following ticket amounts:

Tier 1: 62,500 (reduced 50%)
Tier 2: 91,000 (reduced 45%)
Tier 3: 160,000 (reduced 20%)
Tier 4: 230,000 (no change)
Tier 5: 245,000 (no change)

You can now also earn tickets for Faction Assault by playing Survival Road. You get one Assault Ticket per Survival Level, and can play through once per day.
Speed Up the Slaughter
Ever wished autoplay was faster or you could skip the rewards screen? Several changes to help speed up combat and acquire rewards faster are on the way!

Auto-Play Combat Speed Toggle:

Now you can select between 1x, 2x and 3x speeds.
Reward Screens: Tap your screen to skip. Then get back to battle!
Salvage Tokens: No more waiting through the same Star animation every single time you use a Salvage Token.

*Combat Speed Toggle is located on the bottom left of the screen.

Lock Up Your Weapons!

Similar to the locking functionality found on characters, you can now lock your weapons to prevent you from accidentally selling or disassembling them. Lock your weapons via the padlock icon on the Weapon Info page (example shown below).

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