[9.1.1] Patch Notes [LIVE 12/13]

Patch Notes 9.1.1


  • iPhone X Support
  • Added additional logic to auto-combat for the player’s team such that the player’s team on auto-combat will use Human Shield and Command with the same logic as the opposing AI team
  • Normalized the AP gain of having multiple +% AP increase weapon effects to give the same amount per weapon effect, as opposed to an amount based on the total % AP gain from all the weapons
  • Added a confirmation to crafting when success modifiers aren’t selected when they’re available
  • Added long-press functionality for selling characters and weapons in the Supply Depot
    [Developer note: With this change, it will select instances of the same weapon that are upgraded if they’re not equipped to any character on a team.]
  • Improved the way Scavenger Mission rewards display so that it’s more obvious when bonus rewards are gained in some scenarios
  • Changed the persistent state of Active Ability usage for characters in a Survival Road Tournament to reset every time the player unlocks a new tier
  • Message Inbox size increased

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Mine Plow’s AR in Faction Assault could give the boss 1 more AP
  • Fixed an issue where Cutthroat damage was bypassing tenacity
  • Fixed an issue where AP fill to X teammates would target teammates that already have full AP
  • Fixed an issue where AP fill to X teammates could target teammates that are impaired
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong weapon effect callout could happen after a multi-attack AR is used
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Splash Damage weapon effect would do 100% damage to adjacent targets instead of 80%
  • Fixed an issue where maimed enemies would gain more AP when being attacked than if they weren’t maimed
  • Fixed an issue where Impair would be applied to a target that had the Guardian Shield buff if they were above 90% AP when attacked by a Neutralize specialist
  • Improved how ARs that stun and damage apply the stun effect such that Parting Shot specialists won’t parting shot when killed by said AR as they’re stunned
  • Fixed an issue where Battle Items that apply a stat increase couldn’t be used on a character that had a lower stat increase of that stat type already
  • Fixed an issue where Heal Block couldn’t be cured from a dead character
  • Fixed an issue where enemy HP lost from Waste Not or Collateral Damage doesn’t count towards HP gained by a fighter that triggers the Leech Life weapon effect
  • Fixed an issue where Commanding a character at the beginning of a non-initial wave of combat didn’t work properly in a certain scenario
  • Fixed an issue with the resist callout text in Faction Assault during combat for non-english languages
  • Fixed an issue where every time you entered the Faction Assault screen after switching realms or relaunching the game you’d have to re-watch stage unlock progress that had already been seen
  • Fixed some issues with how the Crafting Parts list would adjust position after starting, completing, or adding to the amount of parts being crafted in the Armory
  • Fixed an issue where some newer weapons had incorrect explosion effects
  • Fixed an issue where the Bonus AP When Taking Damage weapon mod couldn’t be added to a weapon that had a Bonus AP special mod and an existing weaker Bonus AP When Taking Damage weapon mod
  • Fixed an issue where an attack mod on a weapon couldn’t be replaced with a better one if the weapon also has a wave based attack increase special mod
  • Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t gain bonus survivors from Faction Assault while having the “Savior I” buff

[Developer Note: Bonus survivors displayed on the Stage Completed screen may be lower than what the player actually receives, to be fixed in a later update]

  • Fixed an issue where walkers that were killed when Double Attack triggered from Collateral Damage didn’t visually appear to be dead
  • Fixed an issue where the results screen for territory combat against walkers wasn’t showing the survivors earned
  • Fixed an issue where a fighter could be ascended while its special weapon was being crafted in an Armory
  • Fixed an issue where the displayed reputation earned from a Raid was incorrect when having the +30% reputation territory buff
  • Fixed an issue where Active Skill trainers were not sorted properly when enhancing max level/AR characters
  • Fixed an issue with scroll positioning in the Armory when disassembling weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the Faction Assault character specific evo items weren’t added to the Gear tab of the Inventory screen
  • Fixed an issue which permanent weapon effects and leader skills won’t be applied when entering in combat after second+ phase on Faction Assault stages
  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Refresh timer for gained Assault Tickets wasn’t displaying the proper time such that Your Tickets and Daily Contribution could show inconsistent values

30-Day Pass Update

Current Pass

  • 1st Time Reward: 4-Star Carl
  • Renewal Reward: Mystery Crate
    5-Stars: Michonne, Jesus, Rick or Governor
    4-Stars: Dwight, Abraham, Jesus or Maggie
    Epic Trainer
    Universal Persona Trainer

New Pass

  • 1st Time Reward: 5-Star Carl “What Comes After"
  • Renewal Reward: Mystery Crate
    5-Stars: Michonne, Jesus, Rick or Governor
    4-Stars: Dwight, Abraham, Jesus or Maggie
    Epic Trainer
    Universal Persona Trainer

Update Dec. 13th