9.0 Update and YGL


When can we expect the 9.0 update (9.1 maybe?) ?
This update is supposed to fix the You Got Lucky scav mission with a solution that was later about by JustABox Gaming


so called YGL fix is live already, it did not fix it fully but better than the previous situation at least.


I never saw the mission that needed to be completed, unless i already completed it as i have done all the gold missions, hence i See the YGL once a month


And I have seen no change


i finished all gold missions and see YGL 3 times last tournament so it worked for me but apperantly they did not do a good job if it is not working that way for everyone.


That’s good to hear, hopefully @kalishane can give an official update or statement? Last thing i can find is from 10 Days ago about the update being held up


They already said it would be live last Friday so no need for another confirmation.


i had a ygl up the entire level up… cycled 6 times… it popped thru cycling missions. you can’t have more than 2 prestige missions in refresh. 3 refreshing prestige missions will block any new ones from spawning


Not gonna lie. I’m happy as hell with whatever they did. After 2 weeks of nothing, I’ve had ygl 4 times in 2 1/2 days. Which means they’ll probably nerf it. Can’t have happy customers…


Ive gotten YGL 6 times total during both the solo and faction level up. I have never gotten it that many times.


Wasn’t aware, thanks for the information though.
It seems everyone is having a great time. Wonder why i can not get it to cycle at all.


I didnt wanna say anything… cuz i didnt wanna seem prematurely happy, but YGL has been showing up for me regularly over the last weekend. I think i did it 3 times during the faction lvl up


Same here, it seems like i can do YGL as much as the players who didn’t had this problem and finally could score some decent points in the level up tournament.
Thx kalishane for addressing this issue.


It wasn’t instant but now it’s working well.


I’ve been getting it regularly last few days…hope it stays that way!


Same deal I’m on iOS wonder if that has anything to do with it, with that being said if it works for most people but not me I really don’t mind all that much. it will appear.


That was my other thought, iOS usually takes longer to get updates due to the Apple store approval process, I’m stil on version 8.0.1. Are all you that are saying you are seeing it often on the same version?


The change was pushed out on the same/current version, no update download necessary.


I got it before the tourney and not since.


I finished the gold missions last year, so since this update the YGL has been showing up more for me.
Had it 3x during the lvl UP and again today.:ok_hand:t3: