[9.0] Patch Notes


Patch Notes 9.0

New Feature: Faction Assault

Faction Assault is a cooperative faction event that places your faction into a gauntlet of lieutenant fights leading to a Boss. These formidable bosses can wreak havoc on your best teams! Faction leaders select the Faction Assault difficulty tier for their faction to participate in. Defeat the final phase of the Boss to earn spectacular rewards that can include Faction Assault exclusive characters!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a purchase error where some iOS players experienced “Restored for Free” notification
  • Fixed a resolution issue on Pixel 2
  • Fixed an issue where war log change would show <0> and <1>
  • Fixed an issue where War log showed ******* for some messages
  • Fixed an issue where “Autofill” would not always prioritize fighters with leader skills for the leader slot
  • Fixed an issue where tapping the museum icon would not open the museum
  • Fixed an issue where some fighters assigned to a survival road team did not have a clear label in level up roster menu
  • Fixed an issue where the specialist skill outlast could be missing when editing teams on the traits wheel
  • Fixed an issue where versus button timer was not being displayed for territories or PVP tournaments
  • Fixed an issue where territory bonuses that have 20% increased survivors were not working
  • Fixed an issue where the reset icon for Survival Road would not appear on the main hud
  • Fixed an issue where total experience was not showing on the victory screen

Combat Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where using Command after reviving a teammate that died on that same turn could cause the revived teammate to get an action
  • Fixed an issue where Guardian shield could prevent negative status effects gained without taking damage
  • Fixed an issue where reviving a teammate using the weapon effect Parting Shot would not give the revived teammate the 100% defense buff

Guardian nerfed
Autofill With Non-Lead in SR Tourney
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Regarding AP bonus weapons >>
Weapon gets calculated individually. It can affect mainly AP gain effects at start combat, where usually more than one weapon triggers its effect. The way things were rounding on 45 AP characters, the third weapon was only counting for 3 AP while weapons 1, 2, and 4 were counting for 4 AP. The fix ensures every weapon provides the same value as another weapon with the same effect.