9.0 coming before war?


Is 9.0 coming before war? i ask because you promised ascendable 5 star for reward after 9.0 drops.
Will i be expecting a garbage war reward again or have something to look forward to?


Just expect garbage, that way you are pleasantly surprised if it’s actually something good. :slight_smile:


Build Number 9. Currently non beta players are on Build 8.X where X is incrementally increased depending on patch numbers.


We’re hitting some roadblocks but fighting hard to get 9.0 out today!

Excited for Faction Assault!


That’s what we’re aiming for!

It was technically suppose to go live last night but we’ve been fighting with it.

fingers crossed



Heck yes


@kalishane wait. that means that Faction Assault would be out for the first time on live servers…during the CRW ??? Yeahhhh maybe push that to Monday ??


Can’t start it anyways, need to gather them assault tickets which can be gained during war


Launching a major update with a brand new feature directly before a CRW… what could possibly go wrong!


Ahh. OK then guess I need to start researching this quicker then I thought lol


Don’t ruin this for us


Don’t ruin this


Lol no matter the news negative outlooks


Assault dont distrub in CRW. Max fight time is 5min, but its go faster :stuck_out_tongue:
Im happy to try this with my fac mates :smiley:


Compatability with firmware, server data overload, loss of interest in war due to shiny new feature, various issues that could arise from coding that conflicts with internal processes…

Could go on but thats depressing to think about.


We will at least have something to do while we are in que for over an hour, waiting for a match :smiley:


can we please wait till monday for this update? just for worries of past issues. Don’t want war getting affected please!!!


Will actually make war easier 9.0 guardian doesn’t block status effects and def can’t rnd1 active skills so gives beta players a huge advantage


It still blocks status effects; you misunderstood what the fix was.