8v8 region wars are always better then 6v6


We have seen alot of 6v6 wars when it’s a region war. Personaly I like 8v8 better because you can get more attacks in and it’s overall more exciting! Now 6v6 is also good for short wars (like blitz wars) but for normal wars they´re just to boring to play for a long period of time.


Would prefer 6 vs 6 tbh. Just started a new fac and we only have 20 people so far. 6 vs 6 would help us big time!


I wouldnt mind six vs six if it had the milestones of normal blitz war


I can see arguments for both, but personally i prefer 6v6…


6 v 6 I like for AOW but if your region is more active then I dont see the problem in your region having 8v8


I prefer 6v6 to be honest, mainly because we always seem to find a match much quicker, probably because other faction aren’t struggling so much to fill their quota.

I always seem to score more points over 6v6 wars despite having less enemies to attack.


6v6 is ok but i like 8v8 better because everyone in my faction fills fast but 6v6 can helpnthe little guys


I prefer 6v6 as well. Although it’s a bit competitive to get in the queue at rush hours, it’s more relaxed to fill the queue in early mornings. So if it’s 8v8 you only battle the very same faction over and over in the mornings as lower ranked factions don’t manage to queue 8.


Ok that’s fair enough for me. :slight_smile:


I would’ve likes 200k and 250k milestones because I always war like crazy.


I think this one is fair enough to explain why I would like a 8v8 for lowndes :slight_smile:


Okay got nothing to say if it’s faster matching for your region then I really can’t say anything else then thank you for sharing your foughts!


True I’m in the top factions so we fill very quickly.


Isn’t that a crw pic? Not sure what you are saying by that because crw has always been 8v8


Imo it should be different for every region. Some regions aren’t active enough to do 8v8 or even 6v6. For those regions a 4v4 should be the norm, for medium activity regions 6v6, and high activity regions 8v8. If there are regions with even more activity maybe a 10v10 that way everyone is happy and everyone can participate and hit all milestones without issue.


What? Someone who can show empathy and look beyond the needs of oneself? :wink:

Thank you :+1:


I prefer 8v8 as my group is always shoving their way in and most of the time 1 or 2 keep missing. But i see the benefit for less active groups or during slower hours. Would be cool if they rotated it or something.


I think the problem with 8v8 is that most people in all region’s are finding them to be way to long, boring, and not very rewarding.
The people who say 8v8 is better are the same ones who complain and whine about why are they only fighting the same faction everytime!
This is not just with war in the game it is all events with the to high of milestones, to much time, to little reward. Sadly it’s all done by design with the error in their thought that the ones in 1st,2nd, maybe 3rd wouldn’t try as hard therefore letting others get prizes. But people are greedy and tribal even when it comes to lame events in a average game.
Soon (never) change will come, until then keep surviving (quit\except)


People who want 6v6 have to be in lower factions who don’t can every match. Canning in a 6v6 war is annoying. If you can you lose out on 1 or 2 hits (if you place a tower team) And if you don’t can you have to wait for the 10 minute Mark for those who didn’t can to get energy back. Either vey agrivating or very boring. Just get rid of region wars especially in those that need to be considered for 6v6. Cross wars are so much better. Almost never a wait.


No I am just in a dead region full of retired players and more dropping after every war. And I run a ranked two faction and its just hard filling up… Its real out here.