8v8 does not work for dying regions

I see that we are back to 8v8 for war. I understand most regions want this and thats cool but for the dying regions that have 2 half active factions it’s tough.

I swear we used to have 8v8 for the majority and 6v6 for the regions which are deemed “dying” by Scopely because they do know which regions are in that boat as we are always paired with the same 4 dying regions every crw which is awesome.

Scopely, please allow again 6v6 for dying regions and keep 8v8 for the active ones. We are going to struggle to get more than 3 wars all weekend now.

From a big fan from Floyd Region.


I bet most want 6v6.


RIp to the milestones


Yep, I would normally push hard for the top 2 milestones but only want 5k for the pen and envelope this time round. Let’s hope my region can muster for than 1 war :frowning:

What’s the point of region wars. Cross wars so much better with search times.

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Because it allows every region to have a winner

Agreed. We only have 3 factions at best, and wait times are going to be horrible with 8v8


Well this sucks it’s 8v8, I finally got 6 players for my faction.


Thanks scopely for taking step back
8 by 8 means no more night wars
Why you guys always take step back n screw something works fine
6 by 6 was workin fine
Hope one day I see lvl up got screwed :wink:


This argument is getting old. Top teams want 8x8 because they can queue up instantly and they clearly don’t give a crap about the rest of the region. Lower ranked teams need 6x6 because it takes forever to fill up the queue so how about this?

8x8 but the leader or co-leads in a faction can start the war with 2 votes no matter how many are in the queue. Not ideal for strength but it beats sitting in there for an hour during slow times.


Just not fair really… our fourth match and three have been against the same 4th ranked faction. Not fun for anyone. Just please stick to crw só lower factions don’t get matches against the top factions every match.

yeah really bunmed it was not 6 vs 6


16 factions on board atm… the last three have done 1. So we are definitely seeing the result of a region that is dying. Its so sad. :’(

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100% agree with you. I still cannot believe that we honestly still have normal wars when Cross Region Wars are a thing.

Bigger Pool to choose from > Smaller pool to choose from.

It just doesn’t make sense and it somewhat shows a lack of caring for the players. Can anyone explain to me when a smaller pool would be in the best interest for this?


Yeah, region wars need to go. 20 total teams only 13 with more than one match. This is bad, really bad.

Side note matchmaking is pathetic again. First 3 out of 4 matches were against the same team. What the…?


Outside of the top 3 factions, most of the factions in all three of my regions are having trouble filling tonight. Bad move Scopely :-1:


What needs to happen is scopely needs to allow us to que for war with less than 8 players, during off peak times,

6X6 sucks because it totally screws up the mechanics of refils.

But if you are in a slow period instead of having to wait on bodies to fill, just let us search.


Really like this idea! Floyd Region has had 1 war in total so far.

What do we need to do to make this happen @kalishane

Scopely Mind…
So they will be willing to coin to start the search without a full queue… Mwahahaha


Hate 6vs6… Sorry, not sorry. People complain when it’s 6vs or 8vs8. No winning this.

If they lowered the amount of hits it takes to kill someone and only had one tower, 6vs6 would be okay.