800 fkng leaf for this

Best event ever (sarcasm)


Have you considered crying about it?

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1, 30, 2, 1, and 2
36 banana splits for completed the last stage

Stage 4 of easy rare gear gives 50 bananas

since I publish this post Im crying

Good thing u didn’t get 10 leafs for ur pull then u wouldn’t even be able to do the event at all lol so stupid

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I farmed the first Act used about 20 Salvage tokens to see if I could get better drops then 1 and 2 banana splits.

Got several 30, 15, and one 50.

I wish I actually cared about the museum collections, so depressing. :cry::rage::cry::angry:

They ruined an old skool kids programme and a delicious treat with this BS. Everytime I think of banana splits I’m gonna think of this :monkey: :poop: event

Definitely best strategy is farm map 1 stage 1 OL for the bs (banana split, coincidence?) Personally got a 10k drop of OL so that’s 100 x through. It’s not all terrible, middle bs museum collection is choice box with schoolbags and walkies, ton of those needed for rings. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

It has already been established that the event is trash… Not sure what you expected. :woman_shrugging:t4:

It’s so irelevant tho and there is no excuse for it. Maybe in the 5* era but 7* era?

Not going to exhort my resources for this one, such a missed opportunity.

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