800 dollars for 2 toons?!?! What?!

Mckenzie, the revive active skill, healing rush that removes ALL negative effects from your team is a bench warmer? :open_mouth: :ok_hand:


Dont think shes agreeing with it really, this is the price of the toon in scopelys eyes cause the community has allowed this to become the norm.


I mean that sounds nice but there are four other toons to worry about lol. She’s going to be very annoying.

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She’s gen 1 and was in multiple token wheels, speaks volumes.

Scopely knows what toons are still good and what toons are no longer good.
I’m betting the next War Token wheel will have Harrison and that one toon who did effects to all traits…

That’s not normal at all. You can get a premier toon in a different game then nicely grind shards of it for sub 40. Oh wait this game let’s you use 5 of the same toon like it was cloned by Barbra Streisand.


To be fair, it’s not just them

Many whales agree with them.

I read a story of a guy putting 2,000 dollars towards getting Holly. And he didn’t even get her.

That’s putting the GOTCHA in gachapon, right there


Why would anyone put that much money torwards a toon that’s not even that good.

You’re kidding, right? Mia can be countered by stun, confuse, impair, taunt, decap and neutralize, plenty of F2P toons will give you all of that

Your low game I.Q. is showing stop it…

Very good deal, I will buy it right now


The community, for what I’ve seen since forum n°1, has kept complaining about overpriced promos that are not promos and odds to get chances to get nothing at an overpriced lurking promo price.

Some crazy whales turned this game into a dead horse the moment they spent a house’s cost in a single toon.

As a loooot of supposed whales were in fact refunding or vkaying their way to legendaries pixels (that wont stay legendary more than a month or two at best), scope kept overpricing everything and will still keep this prices policy because it does work. Some real whales keep spending and some new whales even come in from time to time.

There still is a whale somewhere in the world that didnt spend in this game so scope will keep luring them.

As for us, poor people that have a normal life with normal mortgages and loans, we will keep complaining about the frustration generated by their greedy behavior.

And then, one day, we will get back to a normal life when the game dies.


Complaining is one thing, the issue is that they keep spending and so scopely sees it as thats is what the people want. They get numbers/data and the data shows people spending stupid amounts of money on a single toon, communitys fault. When the people dont spend, the companies change, look at xbox when it came out, everyone went for ps4, microsoft made changes. The people have the power.

I can afford it, i make a good amount of money, i just dont want to, i can think of anything else to spend the money on than this, i guess i just dont get that satisfaction dropping hundreds into some pixels that will be outdone a month later and also i really dont gamble, i complain more that its going downhill and people wonder why they have no competetion.

I will be on another game, dying light 2 is coming and it will replace rts. People can say no life but I’d rather play a video game than go to a club or bar or watch the kardasians or whatever show is popular, im a gamer and as such it sucks to see gaming going the way it is and to see a story TWD ruined and a game i love rts ruined.


It’s modelo time foo

The price point in the wheel for the toon is normal. What am I missing here? It cost the same to pull her as any other brand new toon :pensive:

If you want that other legend (The clone) it cost more. Maybe be more specific about your complaints?


Or olivia

Tht team sounds like it sucks i mean look at the weapon shes holding its not even stun lol

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Take @InverseNinja on a nice vacation instead - scopely is just out to drain your bank account. Hope all is well for u both


I don’t think u have an idea about what you’re saying

You can change your profile pic to hide yourself all you want but I know what ya hiding.