80 pulls for The Trader

I did 80 pulls for The Trader (and another 20 before this video). Enjoy!

Edit: All coins used in this pull are from tapjoy, videos and league coins…


congrats hope you did another 20 pulls to get the 2nd 5* to give you a great start towards a 2nd trader

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They got the free five star. Hope they got 6k cards so this person can have two s class

my bad I skipped the end bit and just read the 80 pulls didnt see there had already been 20 pulls already done

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Congrats , nice to see you getting trader without having to do an insane amount of pulls.
horror stories of people spending $500+ trying to get him have put me off from doing pulls for life lol😂
Unless I get a fair amount of coins from offers that is.


I had trouble getting the double holsters to go from tier three to four. Wish I would have recorded my pulls now, after your video.

Gz. Nice bucket.

What happened to not spending, guys?

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Sc pull :joy::joy::ok_hand: who needs 80 pulls


That looks like the regular 6 star.
You still need hundreds of cards, and another 6 star Trader for the S-Class.

What’s your point these guys doing 100 pulls and only getting 5 stars

You still lose by paying for SC.


Nice single pull buddy!

No spending just saved coins here, I’ll pull again in 6 months🤗


That’s fair enough

One pull is enough :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m not sure if I hate you for single pulling trader, or love you for sticking it to scopely haha


I haven’t logged into the game in 10 months and I wanna pull for this toon lol

THE GAMBLING ADDICTION IS REAL going back to my real life, ya’ll have fun :wink:


And another 1

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