+8% Ap bonus doesn't work

Hi! +8% ap weapon bonus every wave doesn’t work in sr map. Tournament and daily.

Any prints from this issue? We can’t even discuss without some pics or videos.

20% AP bonus doesn’t work either. In the shot below there are 3x8% AP weapons and 2x20% AP weapons and a grand total of zero AP gained

Hasn’t worked since the last update

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Probably snook in a chance to get it and you just can’t see it like everything else

Correct, has been broken. I thought I reported it last SR tourney but can’t find that I did :frowning:

Definitely reported this time shortly after SR started. Report was acknowledged and confirmed by another player but haven’t sent up the video yet.


It’s been like this for a month or two now

Yes I already sent something about that to the support last month.
2 years ago that bug already exist and was fixed, and now it come back with the RDS update , good job!

Too busy working on the next promo. Won’t be fixed

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