[8.0.0] Patch Notes


Build Notes Version 8.0.0

Developer Notes

This update addresses 80+ different bugs that have been found and fixed that primarily revolve around general battle gameplay, Faction Territories, Scavenger Missions, and War Improvements. This is part of an ongoing process to identify and resolve issues that are found both through internal QA and reported to us through various channels. We will continue to work aggressively in addressing issues with many more bug fixes are coming down the pipe soon!


  • Updated splash screen
  • Armory buffs from Territories are now displayed on the Town UI when active
  • Fixed an issue where the Lightning Reflexes Specialist Skill was being triggered by Adrenaline Rushes that don’t do damage
  • Various other bug and crash fixes

Territories Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where rarely a team assigned to a territory is not counted as defending the territory and later does not move out of reserves
  • Fixed an issue where the post-attack window in territories could display incorrect stamina levels for the defending team
  • Fixed a rare issue where players do not get locked out of participating in a contested territory when they should

War Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players in war reserves received a notification that they were promoted to the war party when they weren’t
  • Fixed an issue where some players’ names appeared as **** in the war log and chat if that player was on both sides of a cross region war

More info coming…

Patch 8.0 release date
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