7th Lydia? yay or nay (whale)


Hey guys I have a question should I buy at 7th Lydia Just for kicks I already have 6, 5 for showing off one for supply depot gotta get that wanderer amirite :triumph::triumph::triumph::weary::weary::rage::fire::fire::fire:


On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to declare bankruptcy in the next 24 hours?


That’s a no for me I have boatloads of money 34.56 dollars my friend
Rags to riches


Would you be willing to share some of that money, my friend? Surely you have some to spare if you can buy yourself 6 Lydia’s


No can do amigo that’s a no from me



Response of the day!

Balanced. Funny. Great delivery.


I call urself a whale, maybe a baby whale

I have 15, so I can spread them over main team, tower, terrorities and just a spare in case


I have 4096 Lydia!!


Yes but do you have a backup spare for your spare team just in case you accidently delete your 2 full spare teams counting for 16 Lydia’s
(Gotta depot that one for 6 star Gilbert amirite amirite​:triumph::triumph::triumph::weary::zipper_mouth_face::rage::zipper_mouth_face::thinking::joy::thinking::zipper_mouth_face::thinking::relieved::weary::moneybag::wink::point_up::+1::lips::triumph::moneybag::lips::+1::angry::thinking::frog::frog::frog::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::neutral_face:





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