75 league tokens for new event?

75 league tokens for that new faction event? Wtf? All it is is another raid event but without milestones. that’ll be the first & last time. Not to mention 50 coins for 1 attack? Get the hell outta here. Better come up with something better than that crap. Absolute stupidity


There’s only so much they can do with their simple and repetitive game formula. Any “new” events or modes they come out with will basically be the same premise as every other mode with just enough small changes to make those less observant believe that they’re actually playing a “new” game mode.

You can’t really expect much from mobile game developers. They use the simplest art, graphics, sounds, and gameplay mechanics. Not enough talent or creativity to make REAL video games. They’re like the special ed class of game developers.


2 days of fighting Ericas and Lydas in diamond 4. Hated it at first but then kinda liked it. Good practice against many different combinations of shields + revs before crw, reminded me of that one war without towers which was pretty fun.

But to call it a new event and introduce it as a new game version is an exaggeration. Its the most lazy designed new game feature, introduces nothing new, and then this:

Oh boy, cannot wait for another one. In a month a could probably buy some camp stove from the league store.


You mean you didn’t find it exciting to face the same team setup only variable being the name of the faction lol


It’s not the WORST event… it can be successful but holy hell. Why did they think this rewards system was acceptable.


Got 3rd in position and got 300 league points… Good thing i didn’t spend any money on coins

it was a big Let down event dear scoply


I didn’t get my 75 tokens, just a few thousand for finishing second. This is an outrage!


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You just realised that was the reward for the tourney? Well it’s unfortunate you didn’t realise it earlier.

But I get you. 2 days of effort for crap.

I got 50.

Only my faction and another team that mops the floor with us did it in the regions we got matched with.

Not to mention its 200 after buying 1 energy to get another is absurd

Faction Onslaught and it’s complete lack of rewards is…


Wins and losses don’t matter. In fact, they aren’t even tracked. Nothing is. No clue if you defended or not. No running point totals so you can see who was helping out the faction the most.

Obvious and total cash grab. Energy is crazy expensive but what makes me laugh is how they forgot to give an incentive to spend outside of ego. There are no rewards which brings us to onslaughts biggest sin.

Only 13 (really 10) out of 40 teams got anything for playing over the course of 2 days and then what was on offer was hardly worth the effort.


This event sucks. No, it sucks for an :infinity: amount of time.

It showed my faction was supposed to get 25k in tokens this is the bull$h!t we got

Yet another piss poor feature everyone hates that we’re forced to endure.

@Cynicwolf ikr, for that price it should completely fill our NRG not just 1 blip. Disgusting cash grab.


One man mostly retired faction, fought 3 onslaught fights got 250…tall got fkd by scopely again. Hope they used condoms

I agree (not as aggressively) this is hopefully a pilot run to see what improvements were needed.
1: better loot
2: better loot :slight_smile:
3: definitely add milestones to it
He is right, that was a lot of effort and time for mediocre rewards.

No wonder they hid the rewards.

It wasn’t fun, just more of the same old shit.

Can’t believe I wasted any amount of time on that cack for a handful of league tokens >_<

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