75 dollars for Hunter

Would you spend that for him a 50/50 chance for his 5* or 6*

Nope cause I got both of mine free

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Would i? No. I’d rather buy an entire console game.


I’d rather buy the season pass of dlcs for ark but at least three offers r getting better

I want him so bad. But considering that I need to buy some console games I will pass. IF he would cost 49.99 maybe…

hes good but not 75 bucks good

No cause I got 2 for free already


40-50 max. Honestly they would have made a killing at 25. My guess most the people who would drop 75for him already have him.

Which begs the question why not try an snag every dime you can out of whats left to his use and value and go lower and likely get everybody to spend.

Willing to bet a few of the mid tier players would have scooped him up even if they had one already just cause you couldnt pass up at that amount and what non full on whale team couldnt use a 2nd Hunter??


Same :smiley:

Scopely doesn’t get my money at all, and they hate it! Muahahahahahahaha!

Too bad they already have hundreds of people buying offers like that to care about a few people.

Honestly i already have 3 of him but he is good and it’s actually worth that amount if you have the money get him he really helps if you have the right team and he’s def one of my favorite looking characters in the whole game

$35 I might do $75 not giving scopley that much at once


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