70 coin pass new price

Hmm is this right? It was just $1.99… Now after a 10% discount it has suddenly changed to 8.99. The math has me profoundly confused. Just checking in if this is the new price, or if it’s a bug of some kind.


That was the first price buy. It goes up to 9.99 if you don’t buy it now.

Oh damg. Well that’s the last time I buy it lol. Seems screwy.

Isn’t that the same tactic drug dealers use? Lol


Should feel lucky, that first buy wasn’t there when I first bought.

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Yea terrible value at the 8.99 or 9.99 price… I mean you get 2350 coins over the course which is relatively cheaper than the other packs but that claim just makes the other coin packs seem so overpriced which they are lol.


Dat’s de old price



The real question is why aren’t you a Survivors club member

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Probably cause he doesnt hate himself that badly


I think if you don’t buy for 6 months you get the $1.99 price again (one month, then it goes up again).


That pass should be a part of SC subscription. #marketing


The last time I signed up for the 30 day thing was November in 2017 and it’s still showing me full price.

Weird. I didn’t buy it for six months and got the $1.99 price. Maybe I bought it in an alt region to get the low price.

It’s becauee your scopely minion and they love you lg

I wish they’d show me love on some mods or pulls instead of saving $7 that one time.

Ye it was 1.99 in your first 5 days of playing how do I know bec I bought it

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