70 coin offer anyone?


Has anyone had the 70 coin offer for 200 shirts and gloves lately? It’s been weeks since they were in my shop and I’m out of both. I buy all 4 in stock every time like I’m sure a lot of people do, so I have no idea why they’re holding them back.


Yes. I bought some a few mins ago.


Not sue when it was the last time I saw it


Last week for me. Last time I bought one was probably months ago.


been about a week for me the offers not to bad considering i do mass production on my training grounds


few days before but i di like to farms hunderds of them through weekly roadmaps easly


Just farm gear hunt map burn a refill or 2


you should have farmed that 7 days free roadmap we had a while back. It costed 0 energy and you could have played it non stop and got a lot of shirts and gloves


Haha I always have 130+ world tanks 2 makes no difference to me


Nice try, but i farmed close to 700 from that roadmap… they are long gone.


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