7 Premier Toons

Have been released since Duane was made ascendable. How many more until Carley or Knox are released (assuming one of them is next since their cards were leaked)? This - and very recently the lack of gear - is why I’ve been saving money so to speak…


Who knows? I got my awesome Halloween tokens Dwight, currently maxing him out. The wait is kinda annoying but I’ve got all the time in the world :smirk:


i feel Carly, Rose, or Knox will be soon. it’s been almost 7 months so hopefully they will release them at a more study rate from now on

Not to mention Dwayne was literal ass and the ppl that argue he has a use so does everyone lol doesn’t mean they’re good especially in this meta, if you make us wait so long for legacies make them good plz they were once premiers we payed or played for <3

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Agreed with your last part. That Duane was the first Fathers Day promo in this game. People paid for him, used him and then the meta switched and he became useless. But people still paid for him.

I also feel like just making a toon the exact same as their 5* but with 6* stats isn’t too useful, unless they’re the more recent characters

Legacies will never be as good as the premier toons, and they shouldn’t be.

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But they should still be benefitial enough to use and not just sit on the sidelines, such as yellow Barker or yellow Negan.

We’re not asking for someone like blue Maggie to become a human shield that has pain split, bonus HP and grants 75% HP regain to all toons. But we want toons that we previously paid for to have a use in the game again, as promised over a year ago.


Knox Knox Knox give us knox plz


I think Rose will be next. She was leaked before Carley or Knox.

I disagree…Hunter used to be a premier toon in the 5* era therefore he should be premier quality…he is. The same applies to Knox, he needs to be rockstar otherwise what’s the point?


Debatable…I dont have him and really wish I did. Put it this way, he is better than what they came up with for Duane :confused:

dumbest shit I’ve ever heard but Hunter in my opinion is meta and very useful and he was a legacy so more like him plz

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Actually. We did get a free to play character since Duane. Just cant have her till decemeber 24th +

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What an amazing Christmas present it would be if Scopely released all of the remaining Legacy toons from the last list prior to Christmas…come on @JB.Scopely surely this is a nice gift to the players :slight_smile:

Then we can have a new list for 2019

I see him on a lot of teams and with lydia he’s still good bottom barrel doesn’t mean useless

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