7 days of level up requires FARMABLE gear maps

It’s pretty ridiculous to have 7 days of level ups to begin with but you could at least give us some farm-able gears maps so we can attempt to participate. I’ve got many toons sitting waiting on gear to be able to tier up.

  • edit Farmable t4 map.

Stop leveling up garbage toons for points when the level up is giving out garbage rewards. Take a break.


we are leveling for tier 4 gear and power tokens smh///

night vision goggles. please.

There is another one in 2 days and then 3 days after that. How much crappy gear do you need?

What we need is a daily map with the 6-star t3 gear. I am not putting up 750k for one lousy piece of gear and it’s usually trapped in an rng bag to boot. I also don’t need a knife sheath but if you do go for it.

Hard Pass.

Edit: if you really need the gear up to 500k just run the daily gear map. You can get 4 of each of them for zero effort.

750k is one 100k xp with tier 3 5s and tier 3 6s smh.

Agreed wth this post. Farmable UR Gear would go a long way.

that one farmble elite gear that randomly poped got me almost 100 of ea item lol.

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I would use the shit out of every fill I have and buy a ton more should a farmable ultra map arise

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No it does not. It requires you to pull out your credit card and spend like a boss

I pick and choose which level ups to do. Needed the hockey mask, put up 2 million quick and stopped.

If I don’t need the level up, I just point low level 5s or 4s in the 100k’s I get so they don’t go to waste.

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