7 Day offer for tokens


Was it mentioned anywhere how long the 7 day offer for the 25 3 year tokens will be up for? With 9 days left, I’m 45 from my last pull…I could buy one now, and then one more in 7 days but who’s to say it will even still be up for sale in 7 days… they might end it early. Was just curious if it was stated anywhere or not.


I’ve made four pulls from the 3 year tokens. 3 of them were spencer.


7 day offer surprisingly lasts for 7 DAYS. Whether scopely choose to replicate it the following week is up to them. However there will be other offers for 3yr tokens aswell as crw next weekend


I’ve pulled 3 red Jesus in a row, wouldn’t pay 5$ for that offer, or even 1$


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