7* amber true or fake?

Please send here that 7* amber pic :slight_smile:

I saw 2 posts on here with that get deleted so fast. Definitely something they don’t want us to see.


Yea :D. I hope she will be because I got her from single pull :DDD


Imma go with fake. Just guessing though. More of a hope lol. That shit better not be real.


If not real, wouldnt it make more sense to say “it is fake you all need to chill” instead of sitting here going post to post looking for and removing the pic?


What dafuq is this horse sh!t?!?!

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Use vet rings to “promote” toons to 7*, she has 1k stats more than s-class pete lol this is for all toons tho not just her

Vet regina :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: better make the rushes more potent


Maybe so but you damn well the f2p will NEVER get our hands on those rings without spending a thousand or more

Hard not to have a knee jerk reaction with scummy crap like this lol


Perhaps it’s a future testing plan, but not something they intend to release soon. So they can’t say it’s fake because it’s not, but they can’t say anything because it’s not mapped into a plan yet…?

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Defo man those rings are going to be very attractive to Whales


I don’t think they can release a toon like this. Amber has a higher base attack than any toon I can get with mods. Those stats are way too op. But who knows.

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I called this awhile back, this isnt a reset like 5* to 6* this is basically super mods, just more monetization, i see more people quitting or going f2p over this, which is great tbh


Maybe this means they’ll finish the town because right now we can’t even hold that much food without another food storage building

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Why would she be a 7*? Maybe they are going to add another level on some 6* toons to combat the “s” class.

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Even GR said Amber is unstoppable


Half baked baby half baked


I was typing up some really nice detailed theories but I got demoralised halfway through so you can have this instead lol


Its 100% true and this will precede a town hall upgrade as well. There reaction to it being posted shows how real it is. :smile:

“S class” “a new level” “gen 3” whatever they wanna call it, it is basically 7* without doing the work to make a 7* with ascending with 6* trainers, etc

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