6vs6 War!? What is going on!?


Seriously? Come on guys.

Blitz war really?
Seriously? Why?

it won’t even let me declare war ahaha


I was about to ask the same thing. 6x6? is this a bug? @kalishane


Had the same issue for a few minutes until it actually filled, then it popped up.


Waste of cans… eat a D


ahaha nobody on Decateur can declare war


Can scopley get anything right?


Beyond irritated with this crap


Working as intended. Keep surviving!


Timers are normal though?? What the heck?


What a joke


Glad I’ll get to barely War all weekend. Wtf


my team are in war now but I don’t even get the map so I can’t even watch this is freaking hilarious I am sat here with nothing


Best part is 6 minute scout times…


And 1 hour time limit ffs scopely.


@kalishane any chance of scopley fixing this and starting war again before the scoring gets out of hand? Or are you going to claim this was an intentional mistake?


The best part is… Um… At a loss for words here
: /


They heard us complain about all out war scout times and being customer first, of course, they install them in blitz wars.


So this is a admission that war prices really suck. Having token war (generally) is nice but having 6vs6 with 6 minutes scout time all weekend is really a pain. Will get really hard to get in the list… thanks. I was looking forward to a stressfree weekend but of course instead it got extremly annoying with way more stress than a usual war weekend…


So if war prizes aren’t bad enough it’s 6vs, 6 war why? This is a massive downer