6v6 kills League Leaderboard standings



Yes I get it the less active factions benefit since they can’t get 8 to fill queue. There are solutions to this (like moving factions).

For active factions, I’m sure they have 4+ people in reserves trying to get in and score to be competitive on League leaderboards. The alternative to this is to score in other events (like raid).

Scopely needs to address this.


Yep been trying for 3 hours to get into a match. Sometimes they start it so fast I can’t even hop in reserves for some basic tokens. We had 18 queue up in the last match. All going for milestones so it’s not like people are being jerks either.

6x6 is assy mcgee.

If your faction can’t fill then it’s time for a new faction. Move on up I’m sure with all the transfers someone is looking for active players too.


An even better solution than moving factions (which to me seems stupid to move factions if the one you’re in is your main one) is to add a voting option for your faction to choose whether you want 6v6 or 8v8


Ive been in low end factions before it sucks to not be getting any wars in cause you cant get it together enough to make something happen.

But should active players and factions be penalized because low ends cant get their shit together enough to que up for war?
Sounds like you wanna cripple your active player base to potentially save a couple factions at best. Even now im willing to bet there is factions who cant fill to war…

Should we go about making it 4v4 so we can save a couple other low end factions while screwing over the rest???

If your stubborn and dont wanna move factions or regions to get into more active shit thats YOUR problem just like it was mine until i decided to do something about it…


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