6v6 - genius move


As if the split format wasn’t bad enough now the second session is 6v6, what idiocy. Just when you think they have done everything to supress the player base they find one more thing.


I don’t mind it.

Glad they break War up.
And it’s cool they offer something different for 2nd part imo.

There’s a lot worse things Scopley need taking to task for. (Imo)


Exactly. Spot on.


Think about the lower factions taking hours to find 1 match… this is a good thing now at least they get the chance to get their milestones


Agree! The 10 hours level up during Europe night time was such task for sure.


How do you score more with 2 less attackers & 2 less targets to destroy? During the first session we often filled 12/8 or 14/8, this just makes it worse with more people playing spectator.


Missing 14 wars out if 17 wars so far, sitting like a dumbass watching people war trying to get in. Get the man who proposed 6v6 a raise.


This is possibly the most stupid thing I’ve ever read on the forums.


Someone call the milk carton people because Ulysses is missing.

These rewards stink. 6x6 stinks. The only thing they did right is lower the op tower to a more reasonable 50% attack.


If you can’t fill 8v8 go to an active region and recruit more players. This is absolutely maddening.


All of u hatin on this idea obviusly have never seen lower factions waiting for 5 hours to get 8 people signed in and play with 2-3 at a time
I dont get why, its same war its not like your opponents get 8v6…


So the players who actually PLAY the game should get punished because of casual players?


Instead of complaining about que times, why don’t you just change factions? That’s something you can control. We can’t control when there’s 14 people in the que Everytime and wasting two hits per can.


I prefer 6 personally. Better for my night crew.


Dear Scope,

stop ignoring us.

If your company not playing this game, than make a fucking endgame account and come back in 3 months and discus with us.

Don’t split the weekend war!!! That doesn’t want NOBODY!


Your confusing me. You have way over 100k but you have to wait five hours to que??


Lol that was klakky. Nevermind.


I find the split wars are more time demanding for players actually which is the opposite of what scopely intended. With this format you have to be availble for two different sessions. And if your busy today, you will miss out on milestones when you might have scored over 100k in the first war. It’s pretty dumb.


Not really. 6vs6 makes no sense with a high active fac. If they couldn’t get in the list, they have all mouths to talk / hands to write.

8 vs 8 for a normal war (before the bullshit split and wirhout 100.000 extra dmg towers)

6 vs 6 for bltzkrieg (same as above!)


You get 14 people in a queue in a highly active faction in a few seconds.

6 or 8 doesn’t matter when the matchmaking is broken. We’re second and 11 or our 15 wars have been against first. But 1&2 both search for at least 5 minutes before matching. Ffs.