6star exchange?

I just did a pull from the war wheel. Let me say this to start - yes I know its outdated, and no I’m not complaining about receiving a 6 star. The odds are 87% so I was expecting it, but I’m a collector and still have never received Zachary.

So to my point. Will they release a 6 star trainer to exchange them, or at least allow us to put all of our excess 6stars to use now we’re firmly in the S-Class era? A ‘slightly less old school’ arena maybe?

Ok…so maybe a little bit of complaining - I just pulled my 5th amber from the war wheel. I now have 5x 6stars and 1x 5star.

I think change them to the new 6* trainer from training grounds like we do with other rarity will be a fair thing to do

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I used to use dupe 6* as liliths but now that’s gone but yea should be able to trade any useless 6* to a trainer or something

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I would be quite happy to see a six star arena, but that still wouldn’t resolve the dupes issue, a new trainer would be good.

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there already is a 6* special trainer, Bernadette. would love to get that conversion in place though

Doubt it would be an exchange for her, more of a ‘token’ trainer like Bo etc.

if they added a 6 star trainer in the same manner as bo, a 6* would probably offer about 1800 exp?

that’s shamefully low considering Burt gives 1500.

maybe its wishful thinking, but it would be great if scope could throw us a bone and make it a Bernadette conversion

Now that I have Shiva there is nothing literally I want on that poopie wheel

People need to start seeing the conversion trainers and the original trainers as completely separate entities.

Comparing the XP of a 6* to a Burt is like comparing apples to oranges. The conversion trainers are worth the equivalent of a toon (with a slight boost intended to make up for the loss of persona bonuses). So if there was a 6* trainer it would be worth the equivalent amount of XP not the 48000 XP of a Bernadette. To expect/hope for anything different is unrealistic.

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