69% confuse resist no joke


Ya know I just had to show this
Immaturity 100 but Rick is now em mich proof


So when they release 50% chance greater weapons we will be right back where we are today.



69% resist is not invulnerability , you know?


Ya say that but you notice the fkn difference when equpiped


35 % chance to apply confuse on attack. (Michionne)

When successful, a 69% chance to resist.

Basically take .35 chance to apply and then .31 chance to not be resisted.

About 11% chance to have a favorable outcome there.

Increases to a radical 31% when confused by a rush.

Kinda silly.


0.35 (Rate they’re supposed to proc)

  • 0.31 (Multiplier)
    = 0.1085(new proc rate)

This thing is OP.
Please nerf.


Ive always thought they wasted lead skills , there was so much they could have done, i.e med ap on atk and team is resistant to stun, etc,
Instead they now put in combat mods that complete change the game , are more rng bullshit, especially when its only a chance to level them up, its silly but you know the customers dont understand the game as well as they do , so all the bta feedback will be ignored lik normal


Let’s go for 100% lol


Ain’t got nothing on my 214 burn/bleed damage per hit per char lol


Is the bleed or burn garanteed every attack?


I think the resistances ought to be higher than attack procs. Do we honestly want a battle where nobody can act because both teams are confused?


Cluster Fuck feature.


just wait til that 69% is to resist stuns. basically sh*tting on everyone that busted their asses for stuns. might as well say this feature is crapping on erika teams as well. * claps * bravo scopely, bravo.


Helps people who couldn’t beat many stun teams before (Depending on the frequency in which stun pops, sometimes it could every time, or no time, or somewhere in between) but I agree people did work hard getting those stuns and all that, which is why it’s probably not gonna be 100% resist.


This is just like the release of 6 Star toons all over again lol. Leave it to Scopes to take a steamy dump on your hard-earned Weapons …

But don’t worry :wink:
They’ll be pushing 5 Star Weapons soon enough for y’all to waste money on.


If and when 5* weapons happen, I hope there’s something similar to ascendance, whereby we can turn our fully crafted 4* weapons into 5* weapons. Dealing with Earl has been a lesson in perseverance. If they flush that down the toilet, people will leave the game in droves.

Games, good ones anyway, REWARD their players for dedication and grinding. This one punishes them.


Burn lasts 3 turns and bleed is one turn and yes its applied after each attack bleeds stack burn does which ever is the highest burn amount and doesn’t stack


What a trash design.

Show of hands how many think this will be carefully balanced.

  • IUGO, SCOPELY WILL balance mods
  • IUGO, SCOPELY WILL NOT balance mods

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How else are they going to make active skills like recover bleed and burn useful?


Ah yes I remember specifically requesting to have my defense team waste more turns on useless things. :wink: