60 % off offer glitch

Ok so great offer in playstore for cans.

I then transfer my account to my Kindle because offers are cheaper.
Omg wtf.

Second time this has happened in last couple of weeks, pls sort it out Scopely
PS yes all my offers should be in GBP not dollars :dizzy_face:


Can confirm, this is happening for myself as well, also UK, also Amazon app store user.

Has been like this for me everytime this offer has appeared

Same here. German Amazon Appstore user.
I tried to contact Amazon about it - they called me within 2 min. Unfortunately I had no time and lost track of this…
might repeat. Amazon might solve this quicker than Scopely… :wink:

Scopelys can fix things really fast when they want to. Don’t forget Andrea


Same thing for me, Amazon U.K. user and the last 2 times this offer has been in the store its had the $24.99 price. Amazon told me it’s Scopleys error and they can’t do anything about it so unless they decide to fix it I guess we will be stuck with an unusable offer.

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Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have it checked on our end.

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I’m not sure the OP will be necessarily happy with their obvious fix.

American friends Android account
How is this a 60 % off sale ?

UK android store.

Starting to think scopely offers are glitched across all platforms

Maybe it’s not a glitch. Maybe you caught them pulling a selective pricing scam.

It should be fixed by now.

Please do come back to us if you still observe any issues with it.

If by fixed you mean not available then sure its fixed for me on amazon :stuck_out_tongue:


On the 8th I spent over an hour talking to Amazon with no solution given as they continued to say it was a game issue not theirs so then I contacted jb who kindly responded that it was an Amazon issue and to go back to them. I’m so over the pass the buck bs as well as acting like this wasn’t an already known issue that should have already been addressed. I’ve just come to the conclusion that scopely really doesn’t want my money so I’ll oblige their wishes

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I’m truly sorry about this back and forth.
It is true that there is some kind of mixed ownership there between the platform and ourselves.

Btw if removing the offer is fixing it then yes, it’s fixed

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Fixed :slight_smile:

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lmao love it - have seen this myself before when i wasn’t signed into the amazon app store app, signing back in and restarting game fixed it.

Funny sh!t though

Shame I couldn’t buy the big pack for that price lmao


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