6* Yumiko´s crossbow mods


what do you guys think would be the best mod for her crossbow ?


Lol, I’d rather not ask. Trolls told me to just put whatever I wanted on it. Use Slayer 2 crit buffs and bonus def when enemies health is less that 30% op.


If you plan to use her on defense, impair when taking damages is a wise choice.
But I don’t think it’s a good defense character.
Keep the original third attribute or try the double attack.


P. S.

I kept her strong trait, added huge ap, and 35 def


Defense buff and a Huge Ap on attack imo. Her rush being additive over time with very few healers running in current meta means burn will be passed around like the Clap at a very poorly checked swingers party…leaving the rest of your team open to Do Unto Others first.


30% HP or 30% DEF (prefering DEF)
A Huge AP while Attacking.


Well, I replaced it with def, so I’m screwed right? I really don’t want to reset either.


What did u replaced?


Atk with def


Not really. Still usefull for ur Def Team.


Thanks Bakir




Honestly i thik a 20% weapon wouldnt be to bad especially as blues give it to themselvs add huge ap, and when huge range comes she can potentialy pop turn2 on def


i was also thinking about huge AP and atk buff but i like to read differents opinions so i´ll think about it. thanks guys ! :slight_smile:


Agreed. I would do 30 def, huge ap attack, impair when taking damage (def lvl 3)

Her attack is already nice so no need for atk. 30 def long term is better than hp


Good luck getting impair on a special weapon. :-S


On defense is pretty obvious: 30% DEF, huge AP when attacking and Impair when taking damage.

I find the stock special to be very good on attack.


So you’re saying I should reset my weapon for impair on def? Different trai is good too.


i find her better on attack imo, but impair would be perfect on defense as they said before.
if you´re lucky enough…:rofl:


Impair on def is not impossible, I got impair on my first attempt