6* Yumiko or Rick?

So I’m torn between ascending Blue Yumiko to her 6* variant w/ crossbow or Winter Edition Rick w/ evasion. I want rick because i’d have another alert evasion but i’m curious on how good Yumiko would be. I really don’t want to lose her stun & neutralize though so i’m leaning on ascending rick. thoughts?

Blue yumiko

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Winter edition evasion rick is doo doo and not worth it. You’ll have more use for yumi

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but i have “A New Threat” Governer with evasion i thought they might go really good together

and i reealllyyy don’t wanna lose yumikos stun and impair :frowning:

Ascend 5* blue abe. He’s the best toon in the game right now.

You seem relatively new. What’s your roster?


i got the game a few years ago when it came out, when wars were still being introduced, but deleted it. i redownloaded about 3 months ago and made a new account i’m rank 51 now. i took your advice and thanks by the way she is a really strong character.

Yeah you have yellow Javier so it makes even more sense to ascend yumi:p and no problem anytime

Y she is way better than rick.She have confuse and burn which is amazing for me.

Huh? 7 chars

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on active

Yumiko is great because she also has attack w stronger trait, a good burn, cutthroat, and confuse… She is a very versatile toon that compliments lacerators, always hits hard, and controls enemy AR

Also, evade gov is amazing with this weapon:

I have watched him go 1 on 3 many times on auto and win

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